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21 Sep

Big news today…Funky Bear Decor has relocated to a new and improved website.

Please visit www.funkybeardecor.com to find updated content for the Funky Bear.

WordPress.com has been a great server to host the beginnings of my blog, but I have made the switch to my own self-hosted site to expand my horizons. Hosting my own site will allow me to have much more creative flexibility and adding other new features that I think everyone will love.

This website www.funkybear.wordpress.com will still have all of my old content but I hope you will visit the new site to keep up with what’s next. Excuse the “construction” for a little while on the site…I still have a lot of changes to make it the best it can be.

I want to leave you with some parting advice for all of those real life moves I know everyone has been through. This great advice comes to you straight from the Budget trucks you can rent to help you with said moves. Funny, yet true. Enjoy.


Craigslist: Houston Finds

13 Sep

September 13, 2011

Expensive, but worth it if it is solid wood. Make sure to check. Love this piece.

Chippy Turquoise Antique Buffet, $425

DIY: Photographs in Oil

7 Sep

I am so excited about this post!

One of my very first posts (over a year ago, wow!) was about the many uses of mason jars. Within my post, I discussed one particular way to use mason jars to showcase photographs suspended in oil for a unique spin on picture display.

“Lastly, a less common but very interesting way to use mason jars is to make it into a one-of-a-kind picture frame. The clear jars would be best for this, and by pouring olive oil (try to avoid the garlic kind — could get stinky!) in the jar with an upright picture, you can get a sepia effect and a new way to display your pics.”

Inspired by: Flickr

Over the past year, I have received many comments and questions about how exactly to go about recreating the photograph in the mason jar. Mostly what I have been asked is “Would a color or black and white picture work best”?

And after an in-depth experiment when I was bored to tears on one night…I finally have answers.

To break it down for you more easily, I’m about to get old school on you by using the scientific method.

  1. Question
  2. Research
  3. Hypothesis
  4. Experiment
  5. Conclusion
  6. Communicate
Now if only I had this sparkly beau-hunky vampirific lab partner, my night would have been complete.

Why yes readers, that is Edward Cullen awaiting me at our lab desk. The lab desk that we share. We share it since we are lovers...I mean partners. In science. And perhaps in life as well.

Me like-a-da Ray Bans 🙂

Back to the business at hand…

1. Question: What type of picture will work best to re-create this mason jar picture frame? Color, black and white, sepia, or antiqued/faded?

2. Research: Google helped me see if there were any other great answers out there. There are not.

3. Hypothesis: After my research and personal opinions, I believe a black and white picture would make the photo in my mason jar picture frame most visible.

4. Experiment: Using a cake pan filled with about a half inch of olive oil (don’t worry, I didn’t waste much…I used it to cook some pasta afterwards), I submergered 4 different pictures/treatments to figure out which looked best and the most clear. If you want to re-create it to figure out the best results for your particular picture, by all means go for it. Try these easy steps:

Step 1: Fill pan with 1/2


Step 2: Grab a regular color photograph.

Step 3: Submerge color photograph.

Step 4: Observe results. Then repeat for each time of photograph you are considering.


Black & white photo.

Black & white photo in olive oil.

Black & white photo in olive oil results.


Faded/antiqued photo

Faded/antiqued photo in olive oil.

Faded/antiqued photo results.


Sepia photo.

Sepia photo in olive oil.

Sepia photo results.

5. Conclusions: This is a multi-part conclusion.

1) It appears to me that the original mason jar used a black and white photograph in the olive oil.

2) However, I actually ended up liking the effect of the antiqued/faded picture the best.

Therefore as our friend Captain Planet would say, the power/choice is yours.

6. Communicate your results: Done. Boom.

Spotlight On: White Bedding

6 Sep

Labor Day has come and gone signaling the general end to summer. It’s hard to believe here in Texas though where recently we have gone through the longest streak of days with temperatures over 100 degrees.

But to most women out there, Labor Day reminds us of the style mantra: “No white after Labor Day.” Where did this rule come from? Check out Time Magazine’s explanation here for more random details if you feel so inclined.

To me though, this fashion rule is an antiquated tradition that must be broken. Not only do I plan to continue to wear white while the weather is still in the 3 digits (whether it is after Labor Day or not), but I would also like to celebrate and promote white with today’s post about one of my favorite things: White bedding.

White bedding is plush, lovely, soft, luxurious, clean and crisp all at once. It can go in any room, any time. The great thing about incorporating white into a bedroom is that you can honestly pull it together with a variety of color schemes, textures, styles. White is an extremely handy tool in the home decorator’s palette that can add contrast to and add polish to a room. See for yourself.

Bold floral wallpaper and ruched white duvet. Yum!

Inspired by: Anthropologie

Glamorous, whimsical, romantic. Wouldn't you love to fall asleep in this?

Inspired by: Arianna Belle

A rustic and casual white bed -- perfect for a coastal home.

Inspired by: House Beautiful

Shabby chic white and neutrals. tufted headboard love.

Inspired by: My Sweet Prints

Look how glowy and warm the mustard yellow makes the white!

Inspired by: Pinterest

All white, bright throw blanket. Cashmere or fur would work great here.

Inspired by: Elizabeth Anne Designs

Flax linen headboard...so easy to make yourself 🙂

Inspired by: House Beautiful

So soft, gray, and white...the laquered white side table doesn't hurt either.

Inspired by: Seesaw Designs

Pop of hot pink and turquoise in this vintage style room.

Inspired by: House Beautiful

Even Macy's is getting in on the action. And you can never go wrong with an oversized monogram.

Inspired by: Macy’s


Inspired by: Padgett Hoke

Doesn't this make you think of lemon lime sherbert?

Inspired by: House Beautiful

Obviously some of my favorite colors: tan and white.

Inspired by: Velvet & Linen

Tufted headboard glamour.

Inspired by: The Decorista

Orange, red and coral all over.

Inspired by: Decor Pad

This would be such a sweet teenage girls room!

Inspired by: Rikshaw Designs

Icy blue and white, great twin bed guest bed room.

Inspired by: House Beautiful

What an interesting shape headboard. You could put virtually any bedding with this to create a beautiful nest.

Inspired by: Sweet Home Style

One of my absolute favorite vendors who I work with at my job. Pine Cone Hill. A must see website!

Inspired by: Pine Cone Hill

Black, bold furniture compliment the trendy yellow and white.

Inspired by: Pinterest

And last but not least, my current obsession: charcoal gray and white. With a pin tucked duvet!

Inspired by: IMG Fav

DIY: Linen Canvas Wall Decor

2 Sep

Have you ever sat there and wondered what to do with a blanket stretch flax linen canvas?

Me too.

So today I will share with you what I did to incorporate my favorite basic (flax/tan/taupe linen) into interesting and artful decor.


I found this on one of my favorite blogs, Young House Love. I believe it is in one of their friends’ stores that features hand-made jewelry. How clever to simply poke holes in this gorgeous linen material. The plain background showcases the jewelry and adds a touch of earthiness to the otherwise outrageously (and awesomely) bright turquoise wall.

Inspired by Young House Love


Probably the best and only place I know of to buy inexpensive stretched flax linen canvases is Binders Art. They have so many different sizes and shapes and are somehow always on sale. Not going to argue with that.

Get you some!


It may be a little shoddy for a first try but it took me all of 20 minutes to complete almost everything you see so I’m not complaining.

These are ridiculously easy to make. All you have to do it manually (by hand) screw in various size hooks at the top near the wood framing the back of the canvas. I decided to spray paint mine a similar color to the canvas but anything would look good. How fun would it be to try vintage-looking schoolhouse hooks like these?

Inspired by Pottery Barn

I love using the linen for jewelry holders but am still looking for the perfect size frame to put around my earring canvas (above) to add that little extra bit of panache. Please ignore the fact that most of my earring collection seems missing — it is. Okay, back to the adding of panache: I’m on the prowl for some kind of frame with both a vintage and modern feel. I’m thinking about a chunky baroque frame — always a good choice in my book.

Inspired by: More Than Words

A second use of these canvases was inspired by nude silhouette art – a quasi weird obsession of mine. I think it’s classy, okay people! I had an image in my head and tried to put it down on canvas with white acrylic paint. Below is what I came up with.

But upon further inspection, the curved line off the body to the right either seemed too much like a lopsided breast. This majorly bothered me since I put her in my bathroom — it was like she and her breast were watching me do bathroom things. Too weird for my taste.

So with a few more brushes of my white paint to give this lovely lady a breast enhancement, I turned my mis-stroke into somewhat of an elbow with another to match. Voila! Perfect silhouette body art. Even if her bony elbows make her look slightly like a skeletor. No matter — I am in love with her and must think of a name. Thoughts? Suggestions?

Shelf Yourself: Shopping for Your Shelf Personality

26 Aug

As promised, here are many different ways to buy for your empty shelves. I spent all week collecting some of my favorite items that you can buy to decorate your shelves. I tried to organize them into different design categories so you can see which appeals to your personality the most. I used Polyvore to create some of these sets to share with you.

After each set there are links to where I found each of the pieces of decor so you can buy them if you feel so inclined. Happy shopping!

Modern and Colorful Shelf Decor

Blog Buzz: The Lovely Undergrad

25 Aug

YALL!! I cannot believe I get to say this but I was featured on one of my favorite blogs and one that I look up to very much…

The Lovely Undergrad

If you keep up with my blog and click through the links on my pictures, you know I admire Jessica (The Lovely Undergrad)’s work, style, and choices in decor that she posts about. I have tons of her pictures on my site and you should check out her blog for a great fresh persepctive as well.

Jessica recently asked a few of her fav bloggers to help her share insight on decorating the perfect room or apartment with her followers. I still can’t believe I am included in this circle 🙂 See what I chose here on her post.

I cannot thank you enough for all of the support everyone has given me on my quest for decoration inspiration. Please let me know if you have any feedback for me on how I can improve my blog or what types of posts you would like to see next.


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