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Spotlight On: One Bright Accent Piece

6 Apr

Pick a color, any color…

Be inspired by these pictures below who take  the meaning of “accent color” to a whole new level where everything is bright, shiny, and laquered.

Inspired by: Design Sponge Online

Inspired by: Elizabeth Anne Designs

Inspired by: Picasa Web

Inspired by: Pink Wallpaper

Inspired by: Arianna Belle

Inspired by: Arianna Belle

Inspired by: Elizabeth Anne Designs

Inspired by: The Lennoxx

Inspired by: Pink Wallpaper

Inspired by: The Lennoxx

Inspired by: Design Sponge Online

Inspired by: The Lennoxx

Inspired by: Design Sponge Online

Inspired by: Spearmint Decor

Inspired by: House Beautiful

Inspired by: The Lennoxx

Inspired by: Inspiration for Home

Inspired by: Simply Irresistible Designs

Spotlight On: For Like Ever

4 Mar

For all you loverrrs out there, here’s a post that would have been perfect for V-Day. Unfortunately, I was not on top of my love-themed posts in celebration of the holiday (Side Note: Contrary to popular belief among my friends, I actually think it is a dumb, dumb holiday even though I have a sweet boyfriend who always goes all out).

Inspired by: Table Tonic

Anyhoo…I have loved this poster since the first time I saw it a year ago on a blog. And I’ve seen it A LOT since then. I think literally ever decorating/design/fashionista blog has had a post about it just to go “Aw how sweet!” and now I’m jumping on that gravy train.

Honestly, this would be a perfect gift for a newly engaged or married couple, sweet to put in your child’s room, or to add to a neutral room for a funky deco feel.

You can buy the poster here but unfortunately, it says it is not in production right now. There is another version that is going to press soon so stay updated by checking back with their website or following them on Twitter @forlikeevs.


Inspired by: Other Pretty Things and Duskin

Inspired by: Princess Poochie on Flickr

Inspired by: bungalow8

Inspired by: Ish & Chi

Inspired by: For Like Ever Flickr Group

Inspired by: Bloesem

Inspired by: unplggd

Inspired by: Apartment Therapy

Inspired by: Table Tonic

Color Me Happy: Pink!

16 Aug

Have you missed me?

It’s been over a week since I last posted and I apologize. My life has officially begun in Houston which meant a move out of one house, into a temporary other, and the start of my new job. My job has been a lot to take in to say the least but I am loving staying busy and working in advertising. Everyone says all new jobs are crazy busy at first and can make you feel stupid at times…and this is what I’m finding out on a personal level too. I’m living with an ADORABLE family friend, Phyllis, for the next 4 weeks and we are getting along famously. However, I wasn’t aware until now that I could use my laptop in her house. With the unplug of an ethernet cable here, and an advanced setting there…voila! Mac (my computer) is ready to go and I’m ready to post.

Today since I’m in such a productive and fabulous mood, I am going to inspire you with one of my favorite colors (honestly — what’s not my favorite color?)


I was also personally inspired by this color today thinking about my boyfriend’s first day of law school. Pink is his very favorite color so I wanted to give him a shout out after a long first day of classes.

Just kidding — but him starting law school did remind me of a certain blonde haired, pink-clad icon of our generation who did law school in style: Elle Woods.

Reese Witherspoon as Elle Woods in Legally Blonde -- a walking, talking, kick-butt Barbie doll.

So with that in mind, this one goes out to all your girly girls out there. Some of these rooms look like a gigantic pink bomb exploded. Others have just enough of the bright color to make a room look happy. See where you fit on the richter scale of pink!

Here’s an example of a fabulously exotic headboard. It reminds me of what a modern day Jasmine from Aladdin would have in her room in the palace. All it needs is Raja and you’d be in business.

Inspired by: Alkemie (Designer: Holly Dyment — see link below)

Even without the pale pink walls, these fun painted bamboo chairs and fabric seat coverings add tons of flair. I’m definitely doing this in my new apartment (I move in September – woo!)

Inspired by: Design Sponge Online

This would be SO easy to re-create. All you have to do is buy/have a dilapidated (nice vocab word, eh?) old dresser you don’t mind painting, pick the brightest best shade of pink or magenta, and have at it. I love how girly it looks with this Hollywood vanity mirror.

Inspired by: The Decorista

If you’re looking for just a touch of pink, try a lighter shade like this bedding or just a bright accent like the floral fabric and headboard above the bed. I love this bedding – it is super feminine yet you could make it so preppy. Hmm…dorm room, anyone?

Inspired by:  The Decorista

How about one extremely bold wall? This room is full of bright colors and crazy patterns but somehow still comes off looking mature. Are you daring enough?

Inspired by: Decor Pad

The stamped brocade print is TO DIE (for). This is by a professional designer but you can do this in your own home by painting a wall hot pink/magenta, buying an intricately designed stamp from Michaels or Hobby Lobby, and carefully placing said stamp all over the wall in various metallic colors.

Inspired by: Holly Dyment

What is it about crisp, clean white with bold colors that makes me happy? I love this room. Find a bright, funky couch and let it be your inspiration for an entire room. This is a great option for people with plain walls (who can’t or don’t want to paint) but still want to jazz their living style up.

Inspired by: Alkemie

This couch area is in an outside patio. Even if you don’t feel comfortable throwing obnoxious colored paint on the wall INSIDE your house, try something fun and new OUTSIDE your house. Dress up a patio with fun outdoor rugs and tableclothes like in this pic.

Inspired by: The Decorista

And last but certainly not least…what proper discussion of the color pink could end without a reference to fairy tales and little girls? Even though we’ve already put Jasmine in the spotlight, and my friend Ariel in recent posts, this Disney princess is the original. Cinderella’s pumpkin coach was the inspiration for this (toddler’s) room. I know it isn’t practical in the least, but how freaking cute is it? You better believe (and I know it’s probably not a stretch for most of you who know me) my kids are going to have this creation in their rooms one day!

Inspired by: Joglosmart Furniture Design

Send me pictures of your pink room for next time’s edition of Color Me Happy: Pink!!!

Spotlight On: Table Tops

21 Jul

If you’re in my generation and you hear the word “table top,” this is what comes to mind: A childish, semi-violent game that starts with a good conversation and ends being shoved over a crouching person’s back.

1) The Convo: Trickster #1 lures the innocent victim in with a little mindless conversation. This distracts the victim while Trickster #2 sets up his table top.

2) The Push: Trickster #1 finally gets what he is after and proceeds to push the victim over the table top that is Trickster #2’s back.

3) The Fall: The innocent victim falls helplessly to the ground as Trickster #1,Trickster #2 and any lucky bystanders get to laugh.

To see the full video which I pulled these stills from, click here.

Obviously, this ain’t your mama’s table top.

Your mama’s table top looks something more like this:

Inspired by: Vaughn Antiques

Looks like something my grandma would have. Not that that’s bad…

What I want to show you today is how you can combine the youthful fresh spirit behind the trick table top with the traditional piece of furniture that you know and love.

Check out these fun and inspirational table top areas. Some are dressers, mantles, tables and desks, but you can definitely get a good idea for how to give your table tops around your house more personality.

Enjoy 🙂

Umm this is every synonym you can think of for the word "amazing." Love the toile on the table and the bold stripes on the floor. The pink isn't too overwhelming here because it is set against the neutral light sketch wallpaper.

Inspired by: The Decorista

The textures surround this vanity are great: feathers o the lamp, animal skull above (sad!), and the spherical curvature of the turquoise vase.

Inspired by: Design Sponge Online

This sweet little desk space is uncluttered yet interesting with the lime green lampshade and yellow flower accents.

Inspired by: Kelly McCaleb

This antique table houses an array of layered picture frames to mix it up a bit.

Inspired by: Living Etc.

This color blue seems to be popping up everywhere for me and I like it -- a lot. It adds a lot of fun color to this all white room!

Inspired by: The Decorista

You can use anything for a table top space: Check out this night stand that is made out of a cart on wheels.

Inspired by: The Lovely Undergrad

This little number gives the room some drama by being in stark contrast to the dark wall color. And I love the baroque-esque mirror!

Inspired by: Peppermint Bliss

This is so charming to me! And how easy would it be to paint an old dresser white and blue?

Inspired by: Better Homes & Gardens “New Decorating Book”

The crazy patterns, the yellow stools, the sunburst sculpture -- I love it all! Try this one out in your entry way...

Inspired by: Studio Ten 25

This little end table is elegant and fresh at the same time. The all white bird lamp makes it a little more funky and eclectic. I love the black table!

Inspired by: The Decorista

So there is your daily dose of table top love! I will continue on my quest of inspired ways to decorate the various table tops in your home. It’s becoming a new obsession of mine…

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