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Spotlight On: White Bedding

6 Sep

Labor Day has come and gone signaling the general end to summer. It’s hard to believe here in Texas though where recently we have gone through the longest streak of days with temperatures over 100 degrees.

But to most women out there, Labor Day reminds us of the style mantra: “No white after Labor Day.” Where did this rule come from? Check out Time Magazine’s explanation here for more random details if you feel so inclined.

To me though, this fashion rule is an antiquated tradition that must be broken. Not only do I plan to continue to wear white while the weather is still in the 3 digits (whether it is after Labor Day or not), but I would also like to celebrate and promote white with today’s post about one of my favorite things: White bedding.

White bedding is plush, lovely, soft, luxurious, clean and crisp all at once. It can go in any room, any time. The great thing about incorporating white into a bedroom is that you can honestly pull it together with a variety of color schemes, textures, styles. White is an extremely handy tool in the home decorator’s palette that can add contrast to and add polish to a room. See for yourself.

Bold floral wallpaper and ruched white duvet. Yum!

Inspired by: Anthropologie

Glamorous, whimsical, romantic. Wouldn't you love to fall asleep in this?

Inspired by: Arianna Belle

A rustic and casual white bed -- perfect for a coastal home.

Inspired by: House Beautiful

Shabby chic white and neutrals. tufted headboard love.

Inspired by: My Sweet Prints

Look how glowy and warm the mustard yellow makes the white!

Inspired by: Pinterest

All white, bright throw blanket. Cashmere or fur would work great here.

Inspired by: Elizabeth Anne Designs

Flax linen headboard...so easy to make yourself 🙂

Inspired by: House Beautiful

So soft, gray, and white...the laquered white side table doesn't hurt either.

Inspired by: Seesaw Designs

Pop of hot pink and turquoise in this vintage style room.

Inspired by: House Beautiful

Even Macy's is getting in on the action. And you can never go wrong with an oversized monogram.

Inspired by: Macy’s


Inspired by: Padgett Hoke

Doesn't this make you think of lemon lime sherbert?

Inspired by: House Beautiful

Obviously some of my favorite colors: tan and white.

Inspired by: Velvet & Linen

Tufted headboard glamour.

Inspired by: The Decorista

Orange, red and coral all over.

Inspired by: Decor Pad

This would be such a sweet teenage girls room!

Inspired by: Rikshaw Designs

Icy blue and white, great twin bed guest bed room.

Inspired by: House Beautiful

What an interesting shape headboard. You could put virtually any bedding with this to create a beautiful nest.

Inspired by: Sweet Home Style

One of my absolute favorite vendors who I work with at my job. Pine Cone Hill. A must see website!

Inspired by: Pine Cone Hill

Black, bold furniture compliment the trendy yellow and white.

Inspired by: Pinterest

And last but not least, my current obsession: charcoal gray and white. With a pin tucked duvet!

Inspired by: IMG Fav

Obsession: Mirrored Furniture

7 Apr

Inspired by the art deco style of the 1930’s, today’s mirrored furniture can bring old Hollywood glamour into your home.


Did I already mention old Hollywood glam?

Having many mirrors can make a room appear larger. Optical illusions and all of that.

Can go with practically any design scheme from funky to elegant.


Smudgy finger prints cannot be hidden. Cleaning with Windex or another glass cleaner is a must-do daily.

Can be pricey — you’ve gotta pay for all that glasswork. Scroll to the bottom of the article for some fair-priced alternatives to designer goods.


The more divided, detailed, and mirrored the piece is, the more expensive it is. If you want the look for less, try to find simpler pieces. Thanks to the fact that they are stunning with or without heavy detailing, you don’t have to sacrifice any of the elegance for the lower cost.

Make sure you always inspect the ENTIRE piece for cracks and dings. Obviously when working with glass like mirrors, these things are bound to happen. If you are okay with where the crack is located, then you definitely need to negotiate a huge discount. If not, then walk away and wait for the next good deal.

Inspired by: West Elm

Inspired by: The Decorista

Inspired by: Arianna Belle

Inspired by: House of Turquoise

Inspired by: My Sweet Prints

Inspired by: Studio Ten 25

Inspired by: The Decorista

Inspired by: The Decorista

Inspired by: The Lennoxx

Inspired by: The Decorista

Inspired by: Arianna Belle

Inspired by: Decor Pad

Inspired by: Decor Pad

Inspired by: Decor Pad

Inspired by: Decor Pad

Inspired by: Decor Pad

To Shop:

Z Gallerie

Pier 1

Neiman Marcus




Spotlight On: One Bright Accent Piece

6 Apr

Pick a color, any color…

Be inspired by these pictures below who take  the meaning of “accent color” to a whole new level where everything is bright, shiny, and laquered.

Inspired by: Design Sponge Online

Inspired by: Elizabeth Anne Designs

Inspired by: Picasa Web

Inspired by: Pink Wallpaper

Inspired by: Arianna Belle

Inspired by: Arianna Belle

Inspired by: Elizabeth Anne Designs

Inspired by: The Lennoxx

Inspired by: Pink Wallpaper

Inspired by: The Lennoxx

Inspired by: Design Sponge Online

Inspired by: The Lennoxx

Inspired by: Design Sponge Online

Inspired by: Spearmint Decor

Inspired by: House Beautiful

Inspired by: The Lennoxx

Inspired by: Inspiration for Home

Inspired by: Simply Irresistible Designs

Obsession: Moroccan/Trellis/Link/Lattice Pattern

30 Mar

Talk about graphic traffic…this pattern is so amazing it has multiple names. Geometric without being harsh — start brainstorming where you can find a place for it in your home!

Inspired by: Studio Ten 25

Inspired by: Decor Pad

Inspired by: Apartment Therapy

Inspired by: Canadian House & Home

Inspired by: Lovely Undergrad

Inspired by: ME! These is one of two twin headboards I covered for a friend.


Inspired by: Dash & Albert

Inspired by: Dash & Albert

Inspired by: Dash & Albert

Inspired by: PillowThrowDecor on Etsy

Inspired by: nenavon on Etsy

Inspired by: thecottagecupboard on Etsy

Inspired by: WillaSkyeHome on Etsy

Inspired by: nenavon on Etsy

** For more on Etsy…search “lattice trellis” or “trellis pillow”

Inspired by: “Bocce” fabric from Calico Corners

Inspired by: JoAnn Fabrics

Spotlight On: For Like Ever

4 Mar

For all you loverrrs out there, here’s a post that would have been perfect for V-Day. Unfortunately, I was not on top of my love-themed posts in celebration of the holiday (Side Note: Contrary to popular belief among my friends, I actually think it is a dumb, dumb holiday even though I have a sweet boyfriend who always goes all out).

Inspired by: Table Tonic

Anyhoo…I have loved this poster since the first time I saw it a year ago on a blog. And I’ve seen it A LOT since then. I think literally ever decorating/design/fashionista blog has had a post about it just to go “Aw how sweet!” and now I’m jumping on that gravy train.

Honestly, this would be a perfect gift for a newly engaged or married couple, sweet to put in your child’s room, or to add to a neutral room for a funky deco feel.

You can buy the poster here but unfortunately, it says it is not in production right now. There is another version that is going to press soon so stay updated by checking back with their website or following them on Twitter @forlikeevs.


Inspired by: Other Pretty Things and Duskin

Inspired by: Princess Poochie on Flickr

Inspired by: bungalow8

Inspired by: Ish & Chi

Inspired by: For Like Ever Flickr Group

Inspired by: Bloesem

Inspired by: unplggd

Inspired by: Apartment Therapy

Inspired by: Table Tonic

Spotlight On: Headboards

28 Sep

After my recent post about customized headboards that you can do yourself, I thought I’d give everyone some food for thought on this topic.

Browse through the following pictures for some genuine headboard decoration inspiration. Then get crackin’ on the DIY part. And send me your pictures of your projects! I love getting updates from you.

Try dark brown, tan or even burlap to cover a headboard for a warm, inviting look.

Inspired by: Better Homes & Gardens New Decorating Book

For double the trouble, cover two twin headboards in a bright, bold fabric like this magenta. It really adds a special color pop to the otherwise calm room.

Inspired by: Decor Pad

If you can find fabric like this, then great. But if not, try painting letters on with fabric paint. Or if you're really skilled, cut the letters out of a different colored fabric and sew them onto your headboard fabric! That's where my arts and crafts skills end...sewing.

Inspired by: The Decorista

Obviously the more intricate you get the wood for your headboard cut, the more complex and possibly difficult it will be to cover it smoothly and properly. But great challenges often yield great rewards -- like this dramatic red headboard.

Inspired by: Lonny Mag

This is a cute and very do-able headboard because it is so simple in design/construction. To imitate this look, pick a fun patterned fabric and pair with other plain bedroom textiles and furniture.

Inspired by: Decorati, Designer: Massucco Warner Miller

Here is another Massucco Warner Miller design. Again, use a patterned fabric with unpatterned bed materials for a young, fresh look.

Inspired by: Decorati, Designer: Massucco Warner Miller

LOVE the kelly green, cow print and white. A little plain jane yet fabulous at the same time.

Inspired by: High Heeled Foot in the Door

This busy fabric acts as the centerpiece of this room. If you can find the perfect fabric, I highly recommend this option to up the ante in a room with plain walls.

Inspired by: Decor Pad

Here's another fun fabric as the centerpiece.

Inspired by: La Dolce Vita

Another interesting way to mix up your headboard is to use two separate pieces of wood to cover. This creates fun panels and is SO easy. You just repeat the DIY process twice! You could also use cork in them (and forgo the padding) and pin up pictures for a more personalized feel.

Inspired by: Living Etc.

Pair a super neutral, clean fabric (such as white) with a crazy color for a bedroom.

Inspired by: The Decorista

Now go forth and be inspired today!!

Spotlight On: Gray is the Main Event?

31 Aug

Turns out REM was absolutely correct: “It’s the end of the world as we know it…”

Or at least for my decorating mind that is currently the size of a pea (but trying to expand with all my Funky Bear endeavors)

I need some input, please.

I keep running into gray being used in a bold way. How is it that this color which most people write off as dull, boring and undesirable keeps reappearing as the main event in beautiful design work?

So, very wrong. Does this even have a flavor?

If you look at any of the large companies like West Elm, Pottery Barn, even Bed Bath & Beyond — they are all featuring gray as wall color in their magazines, an “accent” color for pillows and in their bedding.

Let me level with you before going on my rant…you’ll find a handful of my girlfriends who will call me a Plain Jane. I’ll be the first to admit they’re not totally off the mark. I have gotten my hair cut the same way since high school, my wardrobe always includes something solid and black, and I always order the Original Plain Tart flavor yogurt at places like Yoguri, Berripop and Pinkberry (although I get fruit and chocolate on it…)

But even I, a self-professed Plain Jane (that’s even the name of the baked potato I order at Jason’s Deli), cannot imagine using GRAY as the focus of my room!

Please, correct me if you believe I’m wrong. And for the record, I don’t think these rooms are ugly — I just would just personally feel like I was in prison. That may or may not be too strong a way to describe this color.

Maybe if you’re a bright enough person you can just shine your energy right on through.

Or maybe gray being super boring is just a myth we were raised to believe and it is a deep seated notion in our (my) psyche?

I don’t know, this is all conjecture.

But the absolute worst part of all of this is that no matter how much I want to say I’m against this phase, I am drawn to it and think it is beautiful in a weird, ashen way…

Now it’s your turn. Take a look at some of these pictures below and comment if you think gray has transitioned from a boring neutral to the center of the action.

As a deep wall color.

Inspired by: 30 Elm

As a deep wall color and accompaniment to purple.

Inspired by: Apartment Therapy

As a combination with white for stripes.

Inspired by: Bright Bazaar

As a wall color and bed accent.

Inspired by: High Heel Foot in the Door

As sheets for a neutral bed.

Inspired by: Living Etc.

As sheets in a bright and girly room.

Inspired by: Living Etc.

As a wall color for an entry way to highlight the bright clean white furniture.

Inspired by: Peppermint Bliss

As the fabric on a headboard.

Inspired by: Nest Egg

As wall color in a family room.

Inspired by: The Bubb Report

As a light neutral yet feminine color.

Inspired by: The Decorista

For fur, pillow, and curtain accents.

Inspired by: The Decorista

With other dark colors to create an interesting bed...

Inspired by: OhDeeDoh

As a trendy pattern for walls.

Inspired by: The Decorista

Et 'tu, bathroom?

Inspired by: The Decorista

So come on, I know by now all you readers are fired up one way or another. Cast your vote in the “Comment” box below.

Is GRAY a YAY or a NAY?

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