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Obsession: Coral Bowls

28 Aug

If you look hard enough in home decorating magazines, other blogs, and even in people’s homes, you can find these unassuming yet awe-inspiring coral bowls and prints all over.

Explore the ways in which you could utilize a coral bowl (or any bright little bit of coral) in your home and then invest in it today! You better believe that a coral bowl or coral covered furniture is my next big purchase.

Inspired by: Bright Bold Beautiful

Inspired by: House of Turquoise

Inspired by: Color Made Easy

Inspired by: Decor8

Inspired by: Arianna Belle

They’re a little expensive but they’re so funky, you’ve gotta have one. Visit one of the sites below to purchase your own!

Inspired by: The Well Dressed Home, $130

Inspired by: Outblush, $59

Inspired by: Fine Home Products, $73

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