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Shelf Yourself: Shelf Decor Inspiration

23 Aug

Nothing can throw off the game of a fabulous room like inadequate shelf decor.

I know from experience. Currently my shelf decor is absolutely nothing to write home about. It is the final resting place — a graveyard if you will — where all of my forgotten knick knacks go when I’ve lost interest in them. One of my next personal decorating projects will be to change that for the better.

I believe it is especially difficult for a younger person with a lack of personally significant doodads to fill up these empty spaces. Even if we do know exactly what we want to put in (like I have pictured in my head), it’s hard to want to buy a $30 vase over a $30 dinner and drinks with friends.

Bookcases are pesky because they either already take up a bunch of space (built-ins) or you want them to cover a large blank space. They are meant to draw the eye while acting as storage. But how do you combine both functions in a pleasing way?  I’m glad you asked. See below for these gorgeous shelving inspirations. Later this week, we’ll go through your shopping list to create interesting and functional shelves!

A somewhat nautical theme with blue back paneling and white ceramic, starfish, and coral pieces. Perfect casual look.

Inspired by: Crush Cul De Sac

A very organized shelving unit. Magazines and books are ordered according to color and/or date.

Inspired by: So Haute Style 

Another painted background. This decor combines books, knick knacks of different shapes and sizes, and prints.

Inspired by: Flickr

Turquoise! Love! White and brass create a vintage look to the fresh cabinetry. Think: flea market and resale shop finds.

Inspired by: Habitually Chic

All sorts of colors brighten these white shelves up. Vases, coral and stacked books seem to be the decor du jour.

Inspired by: 346 Living 

Try a simple build-it-yourself bookcase for extra storage. You've gotta commend the great use of file boxes and binders here that keep things organized without sacrificing the design factor.

Inspired by: Me Oh Mama

These shelves have a slightly Asian feel with the warrior masks and small shrubbery (sp?).

Inspired by: Meloz B

Color themed wallpaper. White and yellow is so clean for a kitchen area.

Inspired by: Porter House

Oversized ampersand and crowded bookshelves. Very home-y, yes?

Inspired by: Lovely Undergrad

Themed Bookcase: Birds! Notice the various textures and types of birds (Figurine, painting, book covers).

Inspired by: With Two Cats

Elephant bookends and more coral -- that seems to be a trend. Organizing the books and magazines in a color code gives the bookcase a sense of purpose and planning. Not the haphazard mess like my own.

Inspired by: Pinterest

Obsession: Leaning and stacking pictures and prints for depth. The different sizes and textures are so attractive to me. Makes me so happy for an unexplainable reason.

Inspired by: West Elm

In this instance, the actual shelves are half of the draw. Using plain white and silver decor on the shelves highlights the funkadelic shape of the floating black shelves.

Inspired by: West Elm

Here's a close up of abstract yet antique design. These pieces are easy to find around your own house or attic and can give a shelf some attitude (i.e. ridiculously long eagle-esque feather).

Inspired by: West Elm

Take a colorful cue from this image and find pieces that really represent you: unique artwork, record covers, and pop art from movies.

Inspired by: Desire To Inspire

Suitcases and apothecary jars with bold ladder shelves. I could see this in a guy's apartment without seeming like you care too much or having to try too hard. How about it boys?

Inspired by: Pottery Barn

It's all about the wicker and natural look here. Dried butterflies included? That sort of makes me sad.

Inspired by: Pottery Barn

Another clean look almost lacking color. Album covers and oversized letters.

Inspired by: Little Blue Deer

Black and white. So industrial-chic and bold. I personally need a little more color but the modern feel inspires me to be simpler. Wish me luck!

Inspired by: Ffffound


Color Me Happy: Yellow and Gray

6 Mar

I’ll admit it — I have been very skeptical about this gray trend. Gray…as an upbeat color? Hmm…

And yellow is a color that has never looked good on me. Therefore I have avoided it at all costs.

But now all of that has changed.


Check it out!

Inspired by: Apartment Therapy

Inspired by: Decor Pad

Inspired by: Apartment Therapy

Inspired by: Architects For Life

Inspired by: Better Homes & Gardens

Inspired by: Canadian House & Home

Inspired by: Canadian House & Home

Inspired by: Chic Cheap Nursery

Inspired by: Create H Design

Inspired by: Decor Pad

Inspired by: Decor Pad

Inspired by: Decor Pad

Inspired by: Decor Pad

Inspired by: Decor Pad

Inspired by: Decor Pad

Inspired by: Design Sponge

Inspired by: Dwell Studio

Inspired by: Dwell Studio

Inspired by: EKB Interiors

Inspired by: Elle Decor

Inspired by: HGTV

Inspired by: Left Coast Luxe

Inspired by: Left Coast Luxe

Inspired by: Left Coast Luxe

Inspired by: Left Coast Luxe

Inspired by: Left Coast Luxe

Inspired by: Left Coast Luxe

Inspired by: Little Green Notebook

Inspired by: Martha Stewart

Inspired by: Martha Stewart

Inspired by: Martha Stewart

Inspired by: Martha Stewart

Inspired by: Mary McDonald

Inspired by: Oh Dee Doh

Inspired by: Rate My Space

Inspired by: Things That Inspire

Inspired by: Things That Inspire

Inspired by: Things That Inspire

DIY: Floating Earring Frame

25 Jan

Ooh la la! Another earring frame look that is to die for.

Try floating earring frames from Michael’s and Hobby Lobby. Place on the wall where you can easily reach your jewelry. Then hang hooks and ta-dah!

Inspired by: The Trendy Home

Inspired by: art, truth, crime and me

Random Room Inspiration

20 Sep

I have collected hundreds of images of room decoration and inspiration since I started the Funky Bear. And now I’d like to share them with you.

Here’s your daily dose of random room inspiration — I hope you enjoy it!

Get crazy and paint your front door bright, exotic colors as shown here! How happy would you be each day when you came home to walk through this door?

Inspired by: Alkemie

Speaking of bright, check out this electric blue blanket. Not sure if it's my personal style, but it definitely gives this plain bedroom zip.

Inspired by: The Decorista

You can always get an old couch re-upholstered or buy a great slip cover to update it to your current place of residence.

Inspired by: Lonny Mag

I am loving deep purple right now and therefore I love this couch. If you can't paint the walls in your house, invest in colorful furniture and rugs.

Inspired by: Living, Etc.

This room inspires coastal dreams of sand and beaches. The different styles and colors of the stripes actually work fabulously together. And doesn't the bed look super comfy?

Inspired by: Living Etc.

Love the exposed brick! Little secret -- if your place doesn't have an exposed brick wall, you can get FUNKY with brick wallpaper and decals!

Inspired by: Apartment Therapy

Talk about picture clustering! This one here is the grand daddy of them all. The (probably taped up) pictures and posters actually look slightly artful and create a focal point for this empty room. Try it if you've got too many pictures to know what to do with!

Inspired by: The Lovely Undergrad

Ooh la la! Look at how these pictures and frames look like port holes against the nautical stripes. This has got to be someone's beach hosue...

Inspired by: The Decorista

This is one of the first room inspiration images I ever stumbled across. I adore the wallpaper with the zebra curtains and pale furniture. Also, the turquoise lamp inspired me to purchase a few of my own!

Inspired by: Decorati

Spotlight On: The Apartment Registry

17 Sep

TODAY IS MOVE-IN DAY! I finally will get the keys to my brand new, freshly accent-wall-painted apartment and I could not be more excited. Can you tell? Well technically, I don’t move in until tomorrow when my mom and dad drive my UHAUL of junk down from Austin but still – So. Freaking. Pumped.

The only issue is that the cable guy is coming to install our TV stuff today while we are at work — oh just sometime between 9:00 am and 6:00 pm. Hmm…hope my roomie will be there because I will be at work!

All of the excitement of moving on got me thinking about a few of the important things in life: Weddings…Babies…

And what they have in common: Gift Registries.

When people get married and/or have kids, it is common practice to go to certain stores and create product wish lists for their new lifestyle change. Usually these are household items or baby products. Common stores for registry include: Macy’s, Anthropologie, Pottery Barn, Babies R Us, Williams-Sonoma, Target, etc. — whatever you want, really!

I totally support that. As you phase into new stages of your life, certain needs and wants arise. That’s when your friends and family come in with the registries. You pick and choose what you need, then you hope that your crazy Aunt Erma springs for that pink George Forman grill you’ve secretly been dying for.

Who knew Barbie could grill?.

Here’s what  I don’t understand: If you get to register to stock up on gifts for these two big lifestyle changes, then why not for your first apartment as well? Hence the need for an “Apartment Registry.”

I know this may seem a little self-serving since I am moving into my first post-college apartment today and let’s be honest — it totally is.

I wish I could have a registry! And I’m not sorry about it. There are so many items I wish I could have to furnish, decorate, and complete my apartment. My thought is that in this alternate world I’m dreaming of, you could send out an apartment registry or wish lists to close family and friends or even include it on an invitation to a housewarming party. That way, if people decide to bring you gifts to your first housewarming get-together, they know what you are still lacking to round out your apartment.

What can I say, when I’m right…I’m right.

Alas, the Apartment Registry is not something we practice in the United States (or at least not in my neck of the woods — but please enlighten me if you do). However, just for giggles I’m going to show you what I would pick if I could register for the gifts, knick-knacks and necessities that I am envisioning for the big move.

Maybe if I’m very good, I’ll get some of these pressies at my next birthday (next July!) or Christmas. Either way, enjoy my random wish list of first apartment needs, at least I enjoyed creating it.


Hello fluffy, ruffle-y loveliness.

Inspired by: Urban Outfitters

YES! Animal print has to live somewhere in my house...

Gotta have the waffle robe to use while doing your make up and getting ready. I wish they had one in navy blue...

Inspired by: Houston Monogram Shop


I just bought this duvet cover from West Elm. I'm so excited about the clean white and the ruched fabric!

Inspired by: West Elm

Any sort of mirrored furniture is so Hollywood glam -- I want it! Only downfall: sticky finger prints can ruin the drama.

Inspired by: House of Turquoise

Every room needs a textured or furry pillow, don't you think? I've seen these pillows everywhere from West Elm to Crate and Barrel to Marshall's. Once I get settled, I'm going to stock up in some good colors.

Inspired by: Crate & Barrel

Note: My internet is not working right now for Etsy.com but there are at least 2 million pillows I want from there. If you are ever in need of any kind of pillow: fun, pastel, bohemian, plain, furry, long, short…Etsy is the place for you.


Ghost Furniture -- another fave. I love how this clear acrylic furniture can modernize any style room. I'll take it with a soft, furry rug any day.

Inspired by: The Decorista

A cute, upholstered chair in a fun fabric would be a great accent to any living room or even a bedroom.

Inspired by: Anthropologie

This West Elm Andalusia Rug looks a lot like designer Madeline Weinrib's rugs. But paying a fraction of the cost for something I most certainly will spill on and literally walk all over is something I'm down with.

Inspired by: West Elm

Inspired by: Helzani Designs


I would take one in every color but for now I'd settle for Pebble Gray or Soothing Seafoam. I know they're sort of "old news"-- but I still love them.

Inspired by: By Order of the Crown (Etsy)

I don't think this is an actual purchase someone could make for me, but I'm keeping my eyes peeled for a collection of vintage magazine covers or prints like these so I can create the ultimate picture cluster.

Inspired by: The Decorista

This is a mirror that was created locally in Houston but I bet given the right starting materials, anyone could lacquer a mirror up in a bright fun color. How fabulous would this look on the wall?

Inspired by: Scroggie Studio (Houston)


Found these cute plates at Anthro one weekend -- I love the black and flowers! Too bad they are $16 a plates. Not sure I can justify that one when I have a perfectly good set of white dishes...

Inspired by: Anthropologie

They claim they mean "bitch" in a good way. I don't care -- this is such a funny cookbook to display in the kitchen even if you never open it!

Inspired by: Amazon.com (and you can find it at Paula Fridkin in Houston)


I don't care where, but I have GOT TO have a turquoise lamp somewhere in my apartment. Thankfully, I have 2 at home just begging to be placed in my bedroom. Yay!

Inspired by: The Decorista

Every room needs a gorgeous jewelry box -- this one from Urban Outfitters might just be the ticket.

Inspired by: Urban Outfitters

Um...I just like this 🙂

Inspired by: Urban Outfitters


DIY: Household Helpers

1 Sep

We all know this recession is kicking people’s money spending habits in the butt.

So how on earth are you supposed to outfit your home with beautiful, unique personality-filled decorations that are likely to be super pricey?

If there’s one lesson I have been learning in life, it’s that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Seriously! (Like my car for example. She is an oldie but a goodie if you know what I mean) I highly advocate checking out resale shops, garage sales and discount stores for inexpensive decorations, furniture and odds ‘n ends.

However, there is a place literally closer to home where you can find old things and repurpose them to be new and exciting.

It’s your time to become a Recessionista and Do-It-Yourself-ista…

If you look around your house, garage, storage unit, attic, whatever…I bet you can find some of the following items:

  • Ladders
  • Old Doors
  • Old Chairs
  • Shutters
  • Window panes
  • Chains


Simply hang sideways and voila! A shelf.

Inspired by: A Rustic Garden

Depending on ladder thickness, you can place tons of things on your new shelf securely.

Inspired by: Trash to Treasures Decorating

Here an old wooden ladder makes a unique towel hanger in this bright bathroom.

Inspired by: Bijou Kaleidoscope

Check out this baby ladder as a desktop ornament.

Inspired by: Trash to Treasures Decorating

A quick and easy night stand when used with clip on accessories like this desk lamp.

Inspired by: The Lovely Undergrad

Shelving + Showing Off your favorite books and things to collect.

Inspired by: Networx

Use ladders in the kitchen to hang your pots, pans and cute little lights!

Inspired by: Trash to Treasures Decorating

This close up should help your turn that ladder into a hanging pot rack to die for. All you need are some chains and pegs and you're good to go.

Inspired by: Decorating Addict


Repurpose old french doors as interesting artwork against a wall.

Inspired by: Apartment Therapy

Even these cute antique cottage-inspired doors can act as great room decor.

Inspired by: House of Turquoise

An old friend of my sister's, Lindsey, sent me this picture. She took an old door and bought door knobs to screw in all over. Then she could hang her pretty jewelry and purses for display and storage. This is the kind of thing anybody could do and everybody has a use for! Thanks Lindsey 🙂

Inspired by: Lindsey W.


Recycle your old, uncomfortable metal chairs by applying a fresh coat of fun paint and hang on the wall.

Inspired by: Apartment Therapy


This is one of my FAVORITE things in the world. A younger girl in my sorority at UGA, Chi Omega, used old shutters in her room to display her pictures.

Here's a close up. She used clothes pins to hang the pics giving it an extra home-y feel. Thanks for your contribution Ashley!

Inspired by: Ashley H.

Maybe Ashley got her idea from here? These are posted with office clips. SO PRESH!

Inspired by: Decor8

Or just post old window panes against the wall with...giant scissors? Hmm...

Inspired by: Living Etc.


Grab an old window pane and post your pictures in the glass.

Inspired by: Trash to Treasures Decorating

We've already seen this little number in my past article on Real Reader (and Real Sister), Caroline.

Inspired by: Caroline

And this one dates back to one of my first posts, from Sydney's house!

Inspired by: Sydney


Use a chain not only to hang ladders up as pot racks, but as an industrial way to pull back curtains!

Inspired by: The Decorista

So now that you know all of these wonderful things can exist if you just re-think old furniture and knick-knacks, get out there and repurpose some junk! This is your project for over the Labor Day weekend…I better get some pictures people…

Real Readers: Ariel

3 Aug

Thank you everyone who made getting past 3,000 views a breeze! I’m up to 3,101 — I really appreciate all of the support. I hope yall are loving the Funky Bear as much as I love writing it.

Today we are re-visiting an old friend I introduced you to in a past post, Ariel.

Obviously Ariel is artistically talented and creatively-driven. That much can be observed from her skill in wire cross making. But her life adventures and trips around the world traveling have given her a very distinct point of view when it comes to decorating. Today I’m going to take you behind the scenes of her bedroom, which I am obsessed with.

Name: Ariel Hall

Age: 22

Hometown: Houston, Texas

Fun Fact: Besides moving to Argentina in a month, like I told you in the last post, Ariel has her private pilot’s license! She’s logged in countless hours studying and flying courses so if you ever need a lift, she’s your girl.

Here are pictures of her room in her house in Houston, where she calls home. Be awed, be amazed, but most of all, be INSPIRED.

Ariel describes her style as eclectic, rustic and bohemian. She says that all of her inspiration for the color of the room, the way she displays her photos, the fabrics and lamps she chose, etc came from traveling. Ariel was lucky enough to get to go on an amazing trip to Africa and when she came back, she decided it was time to ditch the lime green, scattered pictures on the wall room of her past and move into a more “grown up” room.

Ariel decided to take matters into her own hands and paint the room herself. Hey — if she had survived the African Serengeti, there was nothing she couldn’t do. Ariel chose blue because it reminded her of the beautiful and peaceful water of Lake Tanganyika in Tanzania, Africa.

A large standing mirror in the room helps make the room appear bigger (a little trick you can use in any small room, and that many hotels do!) and break up the color block of one of the walls.

Her bed is something I am definitely going to try to emulate in my next place. I love how clean and crisp it looks with the white against the blue walls, and also how cozy and inviting it feels with the warm accents of the printed pillows and throw blanket. The elephant pillow on the bed is from Pottery Barn. Ariel was instantly drawn to it because it was her favorite animal on her trip. From another continent, Ariel got the throw at the foot of her bed as a gift from a trip her parents took to Vietnam. A mix of African and Asian influences can be seen throughout the rest of Ariel’s bedroom as well.

Above her bed, Ariel used a ton of pictures of places she has traveled to with her family to make an organized collage that serves as a daily reminder of good memories. See the elephant!? What a cutie.

She used a plain glass and wrought iron table to hold all of her things to one side. But what makes it interesting is how she layered the table with picture albums and books on the bottom, and a pretty flowery chandelier next to more traditional things like candles and picture frames on the top. Anyone can re-create this look by finding personal knick-knacks and casually yet artfully placing them on shelves, tables, and desks. (See my post on Table Tops for more visual inspiration!)

Even her bedside tables look like they have a story! To get a unique piece of your own, check out local garage sales, consignment stores and antique shops. I know “going antiquing” sounds like something your grandmother would do, but antiques and previously-owned pieces can really add a lot to any home.

In her bathroom is prominently displayed a piece of art her mother painted for her. I told you she (and her family) are artistic! It’s nice to have a personal touch in a place you spend so much time in. Hang up something in your bathroom that gives you happy thoughts or someone has made for you.

Ariel’s vanity in her bathroom serves as another place to remind her of her adventures around the world. Personal pictures of accomplishments (yay for graduating!) as well as street drawings she has bought in places like New York City where she lived for a summer are strewn about her vanity where she can see them while she gets ready for the day. And I think it goes without saying the I am OBSESSED with her little leopard chair. Rawr!

Ariel used a cork board to with beautiful little push-pins to organize and display her necklaces. Easy and effective!

Last but not least…even her shower is finely decorated! The neutral pattern of the shower curtain looks sophisticated next to the chaos of the little desk next to it stacked with candles. And you’ve gotta love a college girl at heart…check out all of her shot glasses stacked on the window sill!

I hope you loved Ariel’s room as much as I do!

Remember, to re-create Ariel’s look, try the following suggestions:

1) Paint your room a bold yet inviting color (think this type of royal blue, an eggplant purple, or a golden burnt orange).

2) Add a plain fluffy white comforter or duvet cover to make for the coziest looking bed ever. Spruce it up with bright colors of pillows and blankets.

3) Try Asian or African influences for an exotic and luxurious look.

4) Bring interesting pieces back from your travel or create some that represent your life. I believe that the more personal the space in your room is, the better.

5) And not matter how well-traveled you are or aren’t, don’t forget to add a splash of your own personality like this on Ariel’s door:

And on that note, I think I’ll end my post.

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