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Shelf Yourself: Shelf Decor Inspiration

23 Aug

Nothing can throw off the game of a fabulous room like inadequate shelf decor.

I know from experience. Currently my shelf decor is absolutely nothing to write home about. It is the final resting place — a graveyard if you will — where all of my forgotten knick knacks go when I’ve lost interest in them. One of my next personal decorating projects will be to change that for the better.

I believe it is especially difficult for a younger person with a lack of personally significant doodads to fill up these empty spaces. Even if we do know exactly what we want to put in (like I have pictured in my head), it’s hard to want to buy a $30 vase over a $30 dinner and drinks with friends.

Bookcases are pesky because they either already take up a bunch of space (built-ins) or you want them to cover a large blank space. They are meant to draw the eye while acting as storage. But how do you combine both functions in a pleasing way?  I’m glad you asked. See below for these gorgeous shelving inspirations. Later this week, we’ll go through your shopping list to create interesting and functional shelves!

A somewhat nautical theme with blue back paneling and white ceramic, starfish, and coral pieces. Perfect casual look.

Inspired by: Crush Cul De Sac

A very organized shelving unit. Magazines and books are ordered according to color and/or date.

Inspired by: So Haute Style 

Another painted background. This decor combines books, knick knacks of different shapes and sizes, and prints.

Inspired by: Flickr

Turquoise! Love! White and brass create a vintage look to the fresh cabinetry. Think: flea market and resale shop finds.

Inspired by: Habitually Chic

All sorts of colors brighten these white shelves up. Vases, coral and stacked books seem to be the decor du jour.

Inspired by: 346 Living 

Try a simple build-it-yourself bookcase for extra storage. You've gotta commend the great use of file boxes and binders here that keep things organized without sacrificing the design factor.

Inspired by: Me Oh Mama

These shelves have a slightly Asian feel with the warrior masks and small shrubbery (sp?).

Inspired by: Meloz B

Color themed wallpaper. White and yellow is so clean for a kitchen area.

Inspired by: Porter House

Oversized ampersand and crowded bookshelves. Very home-y, yes?

Inspired by: Lovely Undergrad

Themed Bookcase: Birds! Notice the various textures and types of birds (Figurine, painting, book covers).

Inspired by: With Two Cats

Elephant bookends and more coral -- that seems to be a trend. Organizing the books and magazines in a color code gives the bookcase a sense of purpose and planning. Not the haphazard mess like my own.

Inspired by: Pinterest

Obsession: Leaning and stacking pictures and prints for depth. The different sizes and textures are so attractive to me. Makes me so happy for an unexplainable reason.

Inspired by: West Elm

In this instance, the actual shelves are half of the draw. Using plain white and silver decor on the shelves highlights the funkadelic shape of the floating black shelves.

Inspired by: West Elm

Here's a close up of abstract yet antique design. These pieces are easy to find around your own house or attic and can give a shelf some attitude (i.e. ridiculously long eagle-esque feather).

Inspired by: West Elm

Take a colorful cue from this image and find pieces that really represent you: unique artwork, record covers, and pop art from movies.

Inspired by: Desire To Inspire

Suitcases and apothecary jars with bold ladder shelves. I could see this in a guy's apartment without seeming like you care too much or having to try too hard. How about it boys?

Inspired by: Pottery Barn

It's all about the wicker and natural look here. Dried butterflies included? That sort of makes me sad.

Inspired by: Pottery Barn

Another clean look almost lacking color. Album covers and oversized letters.

Inspired by: Little Blue Deer

Black and white. So industrial-chic and bold. I personally need a little more color but the modern feel inspires me to be simpler. Wish me luck!

Inspired by: Ffffound


Obsession: Family Values Subway Art

11 Jun

New obsession of the week: Subway art.

Technically speaking “subway art” refers to the graffiti movement — particularly in New York City. Today, this creative expression, traditionally done in spray paint, manifests itself in wall art displaying various sized lettering.

I’m a little bit obsessed with typography and canvas paintings (in separate but equal ways) and I recently stumbled across these refreshing works of art that combine my loves.

And what’s really cool is the way in which modern families are using subway art. This art form has popped up all over blogs as ways for families to create an identity for themselves, while reaffirming their special memories and important values.

So feel free to peruse the following subway art featuring different family values and mantras. Click the different blog links as some contain instructions on how to do it yourself. This is definitely on my crafting to do list.

Inspired by: Shabby Nest

Inspired by: RedLetterWords on Etsy

Inspired by: Cupcake Cuppy

Inspired by: Art & Artifact

Inspired by: The V Spot Blog

Inspired by: WallBling on Etsy

Inspired by: Sassy Sanctuary

Inspired by: The Inspired Room

Inspired by: How Does She

Inspired by: Thoughtful Expressions Vinyls

Inspired by: CellarDesigns on Etsy

Inspired by: TerriColtynBaker on Etsy

Inspired by: Tara H. Lowry

Copycat: Jonathan Adler

31 May

If you’ve never heard of the interior designer, Jonathan Adler before, don’t worry, you’re in good company.

Only recently have I stumbled across this design guru and all of his must-have-but-out-of-my-budget goodies for the home.

Some of my ultimate favs:

Kissing Giraffes Rug, $750.00

Peace/Love Pillow, $98.00

Utopia Elephant Lamp, $350.00

Leather Elephant, $650.00

Light Blue Nixon Full/Queen Duvet, $195.00

Slate Grasscloth Wallpaper, $135.00

One of the neat things about Jonathan Adler’s work is that every once in awhile, an entire room is priced out for you to buy together. Here is one such gem, Jonathan Adler’s “Modern Romantic” Bedroom:

And for a mere $16,668.25 plus shipping and handling, it can be yours.

Or not…

Try this on for size instead. I mixed n’ matched a bunch of my favorite retailers and online vendors on Polyvore (a free online design website) and came up with a similar styled room based on JA’s fab design. This room definitely has a more “romantic” than “modern” feel, since that is more my style anyways. And as everyone knows, I love yellow and gray rooms. All of this for only $4,436.95. Let me know what you think!

1. Robin Staak Lamp, Stray Dog Designs, $350.00

2. Gray Damascus Mirror, Serena & Lily, $545.00

3. Queen-sized Fillmore Bed with Nailheads, Serena & Lily, $2,150.00

4. April in Paris print, Z Gallerie, $89.95

5. Lulu Chair in Tweed, Urban Outfitters, $429.00

6. Queen Labyrinth Dove Duvet Set, Dwell Studio, $280.00

7. Queen Bark Gobi Embroidered Sheets and Pillowcases, Serena & Lily, $220.00

8. Matchbox Nightstand, CB2, $199.00

9. Thomas Paul Swallows Flatweave Dhurrie Rug, Layla Grace, $174.00


Spotlight On: Multifunctional Wine Crates

23 May

No Napa? No problem.

Get your wine fix by decorating with empty wine crates. You can look on eBay or call your local Spec’s, grocery or liquor store to see if you can find some used crates.

Inspired by: Apartment Therapy

Inspired by: Pintrest

Inspired by: Posted Home

Inspired by: Apartment Therapy

Inspired by: Factory Direct

Inspired by: Apartment Therapy
Inspired by: Apartment Therapy

Inspired by: Apartment Therapy

Inspired by: Apartment Therapy

Inspired by: Instructables

Inspired by: Curbly

I’ll leave you with this piece of glowy good-ness.  Goodnight…

Blog Buzz/Book Buzz: The Salvage Sisters

18 Apr

I may have found my true calling where I can utilize my creativity and my Craigslist habit — and it turns out it is a profession. Believe it. And I found out all of this thanks to a couple of sisters who share a love of upcycling old things and their book that explores the art.

Check out their book for amazing advice and inspiration on how to decorate your home using salvaged, resale, or just plain ugly furniture.

If my words of excitement about them hasn’t piqued your interest, I will let their work do the talking. Check out these hot trends that the Salvage Sisters recreated using bits and pieces from resale stores, garage sales, and attics.


Inspired by: Pine Cone Hill


Inspired by: Salvage Sisters


 Inspired by: lightshipsart on Etsy $895.00


Inspired by: Salvage Sisters


Inspired by: Apartment Therapy

SALVAGEDInspired by: Salvage Sisters

Spotlight On: For Like Ever

4 Mar

For all you loverrrs out there, here’s a post that would have been perfect for V-Day. Unfortunately, I was not on top of my love-themed posts in celebration of the holiday (Side Note: Contrary to popular belief among my friends, I actually think it is a dumb, dumb holiday even though I have a sweet boyfriend who always goes all out).

Inspired by: Table Tonic

Anyhoo…I have loved this poster since the first time I saw it a year ago on a blog. And I’ve seen it A LOT since then. I think literally ever decorating/design/fashionista blog has had a post about it just to go “Aw how sweet!” and now I’m jumping on that gravy train.

Honestly, this would be a perfect gift for a newly engaged or married couple, sweet to put in your child’s room, or to add to a neutral room for a funky deco feel.

You can buy the poster here but unfortunately, it says it is not in production right now. There is another version that is going to press soon so stay updated by checking back with their website or following them on Twitter @forlikeevs.


Inspired by: Other Pretty Things and Duskin

Inspired by: Princess Poochie on Flickr

Inspired by: bungalow8

Inspired by: Ish & Chi

Inspired by: For Like Ever Flickr Group

Inspired by: Bloesem

Inspired by: unplggd

Inspired by: Apartment Therapy

Inspired by: Table Tonic

Just Sayin’: Blogs + Coffee = Fabulosity

26 Feb

Inspired by: Jennifer Ramos on Etsy

Happy Saturday! A perfect day to curl up, nurse that hangover, drink some Starbucks and read through your blogroll.

Check out all of mine on the right for more decoration inspiration, I’m adding a bunch of new ones today!

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