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Spotlight On: White Bedding

6 Sep

Labor Day has come and gone signaling the general end to summer. It’s hard to believe here in Texas though where recently we have gone through the longest streak of days with temperatures over 100 degrees.

But to most women out there, Labor Day reminds us of the style mantra: “No white after Labor Day.” Where did this rule come from? Check out Time Magazine’s explanation here for more random details if you feel so inclined.

To me though, this fashion rule is an antiquated tradition that must be broken. Not only do I plan to continue to wear white while the weather is still in the 3 digits (whether it is after Labor Day or not), but I would also like to celebrate and promote white with today’s post about one of my favorite things: White bedding.

White bedding is plush, lovely, soft, luxurious, clean and crisp all at once. It can go in any room, any time. The great thing about incorporating white into a bedroom is that you can honestly pull it together with a variety of color schemes, textures, styles. White is an extremely handy tool in the home decorator’s palette that can add contrast to and add polish to a room. See for yourself.

Bold floral wallpaper and ruched white duvet. Yum!

Inspired by: Anthropologie

Glamorous, whimsical, romantic. Wouldn't you love to fall asleep in this?

Inspired by: Arianna Belle

A rustic and casual white bed -- perfect for a coastal home.

Inspired by: House Beautiful

Shabby chic white and neutrals. tufted headboard love.

Inspired by: My Sweet Prints

Look how glowy and warm the mustard yellow makes the white!

Inspired by: Pinterest

All white, bright throw blanket. Cashmere or fur would work great here.

Inspired by: Elizabeth Anne Designs

Flax linen headboard...so easy to make yourself 🙂

Inspired by: House Beautiful

So soft, gray, and white...the laquered white side table doesn't hurt either.

Inspired by: Seesaw Designs

Pop of hot pink and turquoise in this vintage style room.

Inspired by: House Beautiful

Even Macy's is getting in on the action. And you can never go wrong with an oversized monogram.

Inspired by: Macy’s


Inspired by: Padgett Hoke

Doesn't this make you think of lemon lime sherbert?

Inspired by: House Beautiful

Obviously some of my favorite colors: tan and white.

Inspired by: Velvet & Linen

Tufted headboard glamour.

Inspired by: The Decorista

Orange, red and coral all over.

Inspired by: Decor Pad

This would be such a sweet teenage girls room!

Inspired by: Rikshaw Designs

Icy blue and white, great twin bed guest bed room.

Inspired by: House Beautiful

What an interesting shape headboard. You could put virtually any bedding with this to create a beautiful nest.

Inspired by: Sweet Home Style

One of my absolute favorite vendors who I work with at my job. Pine Cone Hill. A must see website!

Inspired by: Pine Cone Hill

Black, bold furniture compliment the trendy yellow and white.

Inspired by: Pinterest

And last but not least, my current obsession: charcoal gray and white. With a pin tucked duvet!

Inspired by: IMG Fav


DIY: Upholstering Headboards

26 Sep

Although I am now living in my fabulous apartment, I have been holding off on the big unveil of my new digs on Funky Bear. I apologize for the delay but I want to make sure it looks its best before showing the world.

For now, I can give you a sneak peak into my place by showing you how to create your own headboard — a project I recently completed for my apartment with my mom. There are tons of helpful articles online about the various ways you can do this and although they seem wordy, the process can actually be quite simple.

Better Homes & Gardens

Do It Yourself


Be Jane

So if you don’t feel like watching Sunday football all afternoon with your dad, brother, or boyfriend all day for some strange reason (what, no football?!?), then get started on this fun and decorative do-it-yourself project!

There are many ways of decorating a headboard…


Inspired by: Alkemie


Inspired by: The Decorista


Inspired by: Oh Joy!


Inspired by: Decorati

(definition: gluing tons of paper, wall paper, or wrapping paper overlapping in an enticing pattern)

Inspired by: Lovely Undergrad

In my humble opinion, the best and most dramatic way to create a beautiful and attention-grabbing headboard is to upholster it.

Upholstering involves applying stuffing and/or cushions, and then covering this padding  with fabric of your choosing. Depending on the look you are going for, upholstering a headboard can be young and sweet, glamorous and dramatic, or even mature and sophisticated.

I mentioned a few different websites above that give a helpful breakdown of this DIY upholstery project. But here is how my mom and I created the look in a more quick and dirty (and less detailed) way than most of these articles offer:


1. Old wood headboard (in dire need of re-purposing) — this could also be a piece of plywood that you have cut to fit your bed in any shape. If you go to Home Depot or Lowe’s you can purchase the wood and have them cut to your specific dimensions. Just make sure to measure what you want first!

2. Thick foam — can be bought from most fabric stores such as Joann’s. I chose 2-inch thick foam but this can be whatever you want depending on how thick you want the padding on your headboard to be.

3. Batting — also from Joann’s

4. Fabric — enough to cover the entire headboard with plenty of room to spare on all sides (at least 5 inches for wrapping around).

5. Staple gun — an electric staple gun is best. For the amount of stapling you are about to do, investing in a $30 piece of machinery like that will save you years of carpal tunnel syndrome. Even with the electric staple gun, you should still prepare yourself for a swollen hand after a few hours of upholstery.

6. Staples — don’t forget to buy these with the gun! Based on the fairly thick, furry fabric I chose coupled with the batting, I chose 1/2 inch staples.

7. Scissors — this one’s obvious.

8. Blue painters’ tape — this will help secure the batting and fabric so they don’t slide as you staple them in place.

9. Spray glue — this is necessary in order to adhere the foam to the headboard base while you work with the batting and fabric.

10. Old sheet or drop cloth — this will help protect the floor you are working on from the spray glue and any scraps of fabric or stray staples will be easy to clean.

11. A partner in crime — I don’t believe this project can be done by yourself so find a buddy to help.


1 hour of purchasing materials

2 hours of upholstery time


1. Cut foam: Lay out all of your materials on top of the sheet. Cut your foam out to the shape of your headboard. Try to get as close to the actual shape as possible, it will look much better in the end if everything lines up exactly. For mine, we had to use 2 layers of foam to cover the entire headboard so make sure everything is flush together with no spaces or cracks.

2. Glue foam: Once you have cut out your foam, use the spray glue to adhere it to the headboard. It doesn’t have to be perfect, this is just to keep the foam from moving when you add the  batting and eventually the fabric.

3. Apply batting: Cut a large piece of the batting that will cover the entire headboard. Smooth said batting over the entire front of the headboard. This is the batting’s entire purpose — to smooth out any cracks where the foam falls short and prepare the headboard for fabric application.

4. Staple batting: Wrap the sides of the batting around to the back of the headboard. This is where your partner comes in handy. With their help, stand up the headboard and use the blue painter’s tape to secure the batting in place to the back side. Then, flip the entire headboard over so you only see the back of it. Grab the staple gun and adhere the batting to the wood. The staples work best if placed relatively close to one another (.25 inches apart). Make sure to pull the batting tight each time you staple so the smoothing effect takes place.

5. Check batting: Have your partner hold up the headboard so that you may see the front. Ensure that you have stapled the batting down tight and now bumps or air pockets exist.

6. Cut fabric: Lay your headboard back down so the front with the new batting is facing up. Lay your fabric (or in my case, we bought a furry blanket) over the entire headboard. If need be, cut the fabric so that there are about 6 extra inches on all sides. These extra inches will be important when you wrap the fabric around the foam and batting.

7. Apply fabric: This part can get tricky because you really need to make sure the fabric is pulled tight and looks flawless — this is what everyone will be seeing! Carefully stand the headboard up again and adhere the long side pieces to the back with blue painter’s tape.

8. Staple fabric: Gently lay headboard so the fabric/front side is facing down, and the back is exposed. Staple your fabric making sure to pull tight and smooth as you go. Start from the middle of the top and work your way out. The top is the most important section because it will be the most prominent once the headboard is set up with your bed. It can be a tedious process, but perfection is key — this is what everyone will see as the final product! For the corners, we just played with folding the fabric as you would make the corners of a bed. As long as the front looks good, you will be fine. The back will most likely look like a jumbled mess of staples but no one will ever see it so it doesn’t matter.

9. Check fabric: Stand the headboard up and eyeball any areas that seem lumpy. Use your staple gun to smooth these areas. Again — it doesn’t matter how messy the back looks with all of the staples, so long as the front looks fabulous.

10. Admire your work: You’re done! Stand back and admire your work. Go place behind your bed immediately and accept all compliments you receive with a smile.

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