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Casa de Funky Bear: Day 3 – The Rest of the Apt.

27 Dec

Time to finish what I started a few weeks ago — my own apartment reveal. Enjoy!

Of course, I had to include my favorite thing in the world: Picture clustering. It all starts with a blank room…

And a blank wall…

Then with a little bit of pre-planning and luck…

You get your final product!

Excuse Blair in this picutre — she’s just doing a little half marathon training stretch. It all ended up coming together amazingly. We love our bright blue we chose — Sherwin Williams “Jay Blue” SW6797. We were worried it would be a little obnoxious in such a small space but it adds so much character. If you notice, we did change our apartment floors from carpeting to wood and it made SUCH a difference. I definitely recommend this for a small living area because it immediately made our whole apartment feel more spacious. The power of optical illusions amazes me.

One day when I was terribly bored, I decided to make some personal art work for our little casa. After a quick trip to Michael’s and a bottle of Modge Podge. This is what I came up with. Cute-ish, right? I decopauged pretty paper onto tiny canvases. Then I painted wooden letters to spell what I wanted and hot glued them to the canvases. With a wire hanger on the back of each…they were complete. Maybe not the best creation I’ve ever claimed but they fill up space in our picture cluster.

Same goes with these. Not the best but at least it’s something. I wrapped big letters for Blair’s and my initials in leftover leopard print from the chairs.

More personalized artwork…both of these posters represent where Blair and I attended college. We call this our media center. Again — pretending to live the high life.

One is a real picture a student took of Athens’ Georgia Theater — a landmark and UGA point of pride. Sadly, the Georgia Theater burned down last year and is being gutted and renovated. It has housed famous acts from all over the country and from all different generations. I saw Taylor Swift there right before she made it big. AH-MAZING! If you’re interested, please visit their website and donate to the cause to rebuild this historic monument for future students to enjoy as so many of us have. I did my part by buying this poster the student photographer created to raise money for the cause. Your turn!

And of course for all of you non-Texans, the other poster is a blown-up Sports Illustrated cover with the University of Texas’ Vince Young when they won the Rose Bowl in 2006. The best part about this poster is that it is signed by the man himself. I received this as a special gift from a friend in high school…and I love being able to use it in my apartment and all of my houses to come.

The chair and custom painted and upholstered chairs I made a few months ago look funky and chic in our breakfast nook. Gotta have animal print somewher – Rawr!

And the beautiful painting above our table? A custom canvas painting by the one and only B. There is a fabulous place in Houston called Pinot’s Palette where for $35 you can re-create a famous painting and BYOB to enjoy wine with friends. Now it graces our presence in our breakfast nook.

Next to the nook is our “bar.” Really it is nothing more than a fun little table we set up a wine rack on but we like to think we’re living the high life with a built-in bar. We keep koozies and wine openers in the drawer for our alcoholic-friendly occasions.

We invested in a few pieces of artwork that remind us of fun times in our life. We bought this one from AllPosters.com to remember our semester abroad in Barcelona, Spain. The dark colors are very handsome and tone down the bright blue wall it sits across from without losing the color palette.

Our kitchen is small and sort of hard to work with but we just decorated a few key places to give it personality. My mom used to collect roosters so that’s our placeholder until we find something better. But the red little lamp adds much-needed light and looks so cute in the corner. Every kitchen needs a lamp. Overhead light is harsh and unflattering.

There…finished! Obviously, every home is a work in progress and mine is no different. I definitely plan on adding to and updating my digs over time as my taste and style develop.

And guess what?!…there is a big surprise in store for all of my Funky Bear followers in the upcoming weeks. Stay tuned for more details!

Oh, and Merry Christmas, Happy New Year’s and all that jazz 🙂

Color Me Happy: Green

18 Oct

In honor of my friend Sydney’s new blog, The Green Tex, today’s post is full of all things green!

A classic green for a dining room.

Inspired by: 30 Elm

Pretty flowers on this wall create a girly yet fresh aura. Love the beautiful canopy bed too!

Inspired by: Apartment Therapy

I can't get over how amazing the teal hue of this green looks in this entry way. So dramatic with the zebra skin rug!

Inspired by: The Decorista

Classic thick stripes would look great in a guest room. Try this type of headboard and drapery to take up an entire wall without overwhelming it.

Inspired by: Apartment Therapy

Picture clustering!! Looks so homey and warm against the green.

Inspired by: Apartment Therapy

All-matte green in the kitchen is so bright!

Inspired by: Apartment Therapy

Seafoam green never looked so modern. This looks nothing like the grandma-ish beach house I would imagine with this color...

Inspired by: Better Homes & Gardens, June 2010

A surprisingly harmonious combination: Pale green and turquoise. Paint a piece of furniture or two a bright turquoise for a pop of color in a green room.

Inspired by: The Decorista

Here is bright orange warms up the green. White couches are my favorite and look great with everything...

Inspired by: Holly Dyment

Green, navy and dark wood come together in a brooding and mysterious boudoir...

Inspired by: The Decorista

Random Room Inspiration

20 Sep

I have collected hundreds of images of room decoration and inspiration since I started the Funky Bear. And now I’d like to share them with you.

Here’s your daily dose of random room inspiration — I hope you enjoy it!

Get crazy and paint your front door bright, exotic colors as shown here! How happy would you be each day when you came home to walk through this door?

Inspired by: Alkemie

Speaking of bright, check out this electric blue blanket. Not sure if it's my personal style, but it definitely gives this plain bedroom zip.

Inspired by: The Decorista

You can always get an old couch re-upholstered or buy a great slip cover to update it to your current place of residence.

Inspired by: Lonny Mag

I am loving deep purple right now and therefore I love this couch. If you can't paint the walls in your house, invest in colorful furniture and rugs.

Inspired by: Living, Etc.

This room inspires coastal dreams of sand and beaches. The different styles and colors of the stripes actually work fabulously together. And doesn't the bed look super comfy?

Inspired by: Living Etc.

Love the exposed brick! Little secret -- if your place doesn't have an exposed brick wall, you can get FUNKY with brick wallpaper and decals!

Inspired by: Apartment Therapy

Talk about picture clustering! This one here is the grand daddy of them all. The (probably taped up) pictures and posters actually look slightly artful and create a focal point for this empty room. Try it if you've got too many pictures to know what to do with!

Inspired by: The Lovely Undergrad

Ooh la la! Look at how these pictures and frames look like port holes against the nautical stripes. This has got to be someone's beach hosue...

Inspired by: The Decorista

This is one of the first room inspiration images I ever stumbled across. I adore the wallpaper with the zebra curtains and pale furniture. Also, the turquoise lamp inspired me to purchase a few of my own!

Inspired by: Decorati

Obsession: Picture Clustering

23 Jul

Sloppy. Feminine. Organized. Inspired. Pretty. Thought-provoking

No, I’m not describing myself…

I’m describing my BIGGEST OBSESSION EVER (bigger than white couches and turquoise).

Picture clustering.

I am moving to Houston in the next couple of weeks 🙂 and therefore I get to decorate a brand new place! I couldn’t be more excited. When I first started thinking of things I know I have to have in my home…this was the first one that came to my mind.

Easy and fun, I definitely believe every house can use picture clustering in some way, shape or form. Like I said above, it can be organized and neat, or crazy and unexpected. You can choose which style is for you based on the location of the pictures in your house.

Just like with the table tops, every now and then I will be updating you with new and interesting ways to use picture clustering in your home. Take a chance organizing your wall art like so:

You could all cray-cray like this and fill up a whole wall! Even though it's busy, I love how each piece is an interesting little trinket on its own.

Inspired by: The Decorista

A few well-placed large pieces of art can create an interesting and colorful wall.

Inspired by: Design Sponge Online

Even above a big media center, you can still use the clustering method. This especially works for extremely tall rooms/ceilings.

Inspired by: Pottery Barn magazine

Neat, organized, and all in a row is a good look too. Especially for those of you OCD peeps out there who can't handle the chaos of other types of picture clustering.

Inspired by: My  Blue Hydrangea

This style still maintains a semblance of order with all of the rectangular frames. But with different sizes and rotations, it is still super eye-catching. I am decided between using this style and above a couch -- maybe both!

Inspired by: Lonny Mag

I love this set. The different levels and textures with the W, random framing and colors is FABULOUS. It is a great way to fill up a big old white empty wall, which most apartments I will be looking at have.

Inspired by: The Decorista

Here is a modern way to use picture clustering in your house. Try darker images or matted on black with thin black frames (like poster frames you can buy at Michael's).

Inspired by: Living Etc.

Here is the original picture that launched my obsession. This is in a family home along a staircase, and I've seen it done on a smaller level in lots of homes over the years. What sets this apart is that it goes all the way up to the ceiling, and looks both purposeful and artful.

Above the mantle is another great place to use pictures and art to add a centerpiece to your room.

Inspired by: Design Sponge Online

Ah this is another one of my favorites. First of all, I'm definitely down for the above the couch placement. Secondly, I love the order of the frames but the colorful different-ness of the prints draws me too. Try getting vintage prints of old magazine covers or play bills.

Inspired by: The Decorista

Don’t you love it now too? Seriously so easy. Just make sure that if you are going for the clean and polished look, that you have a level handy to check the straight-ness of your frames and so that they all line up evenly. If you’re going for the haphazard, eclectic art look, then have at it — no rules!

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