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Random Room Inspiration

20 Sep

I have collected hundreds of images of room decoration and inspiration since I started the Funky Bear. And now I’d like to share them with you.

Here’s your daily dose of random room inspiration — I hope you enjoy it!

Get crazy and paint your front door bright, exotic colors as shown here! How happy would you be each day when you came home to walk through this door?

Inspired by: Alkemie

Speaking of bright, check out this electric blue blanket. Not sure if it's my personal style, but it definitely gives this plain bedroom zip.

Inspired by: The Decorista

You can always get an old couch re-upholstered or buy a great slip cover to update it to your current place of residence.

Inspired by: Lonny Mag

I am loving deep purple right now and therefore I love this couch. If you can't paint the walls in your house, invest in colorful furniture and rugs.

Inspired by: Living, Etc.

This room inspires coastal dreams of sand and beaches. The different styles and colors of the stripes actually work fabulously together. And doesn't the bed look super comfy?

Inspired by: Living Etc.

Love the exposed brick! Little secret -- if your place doesn't have an exposed brick wall, you can get FUNKY with brick wallpaper and decals!

Inspired by: Apartment Therapy

Talk about picture clustering! This one here is the grand daddy of them all. The (probably taped up) pictures and posters actually look slightly artful and create a focal point for this empty room. Try it if you've got too many pictures to know what to do with!

Inspired by: The Lovely Undergrad

Ooh la la! Look at how these pictures and frames look like port holes against the nautical stripes. This has got to be someone's beach hosue...

Inspired by: The Decorista

This is one of the first room inspiration images I ever stumbled across. I adore the wallpaper with the zebra curtains and pale furniture. Also, the turquoise lamp inspired me to purchase a few of my own!

Inspired by: Decorati

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