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Shopping: Horchow Sale TODAY!

18 Aug

I do not need to spend money during Horchow’s sale.

I do not need to spend money during Horchow’s sale.

I do not need to spend money during Horchow’s sale.

This is the mantra that I have been repeating in my head all day so I don’t buy something I do not need. Which I do not. My apartment is bursting with random furniture that I keep picking up as it is. Horchow is having a 25-30% off sale on all items online for one more day! The sale neds tomorrow morning, August 19, at 6:00am CST.

I used to think this was a store for “old people” but as it turns out, they have a great variety of both traditional, mature items as well as styles that I have been craving lately. This either A) means I am getting old or B) I was wrong…neither of which I care to admit to.

Go to www.horchow.com and remember to enter the code “TREASURE” when you check out.

Check out these loverlies I’ve been drooling over today:

“Bethany Scrolls” Chest

“Vivie” Mirrored Coffee Table

Golden “Greek Key” Mirror

“Infinity Scroll” Chest

Gray Basketweave Garden Seat

Silver Leather Pouf

French Laundry Home “Williamson” Striped Chair


Orange and Ivory Pillows and Rug

Striped Chest

Alita Basketweave Lights


Alphabet Soup: DIY — Word Art Photography

18 Jun

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you are all having a wonderful day and gearing up for the weekend. To celebrate (and mourn) the last day of this week’s Alphabet Soup theme, I have prepared a Do It Yourself project for you.

So far, we’ve seen wall sticker quotes, Scrabble pillows and picture frames, but today’s DIY is a more artsy-fartsy way to use letters in your decorating.

Word art photography is a unique way to fill up wall space with interesting pieces and could also become a personal project if you’re willing to put in the time.

Here are a few websites that specialize in this kind of photography. If you’re too lazy to do it yourself or completely lack the artistic and/or motor skills required (which I doubt because all you have to do is point, click, and print), then you can order from one of these companies.

Alphabet Photography http://www.alphabetphotography.com/

Cost: Expensive. Can be upwards of $150 for custom photography and framing.

Such an attractive piece of art. Oh wait, is that my name? Imagine that.

Alphabet Pix http://www.alphabetpix.com/

Cost: Expensive. Can be over $160 for custom photography and framing.

This one is in "sepia" tone which is a washed out brown, yellow, and whitish color as opposed to a simple black and white.

Okay, so these are pretty darn expensive. But does anyone else notice anything eerily familiar about the subjects of these photographs?

Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Anyone?

If you haven't seen "Ferris Bueller's Day Off," then you are cray-cray (as in crazy).

Answer: All of these photographs feature mudane things found around the house or out in nature. Anyone armed with a camera can re-create these letters. All you have to do is find them.

A few months ago, I went on this exact mission and came up with my own version of word art photography.

This was my final product (excuse the blurry iPhone quality):

It’s not exactly the same, but it’s another way to do it.

Here’s how you can create your own rendition of either of these methods:

1. Figure out what you want to spell. You can be self-absorbed and go for your own name (like me!) or choose another favorite word. Perhaps “Love” which seems to be a recurring theme on this blog…(see comment by Penny and Scrabble post)

2. Find the letters. Anywhere with letters or things shaped as letters will do. Be inspired by the above websites and find interesting piping, shadows, plants, rocks, etc., or go out into the world and make your own. I used a close up of a license plate letter, my hand’s shadow, the monogram on a necklace pendant, stones in a row, the “R” from an old theater (the Georgia Theater!) marquee, and I got impatient at the end and drew an “E” with Sharpie on a tree.

I gave myself the cushion of both options: Black & White and full Color.

3. Take the pictures. Use a digital camera to snap the letters. Zoom in as close as you can without creating a blurry picture. You can always crop and re-size on a photo editing program later if it’s not centered or otherwise perfect. Take as many as you need even if the angle only changes by a smidge each time. It’s always better to have too many than too little.

4. Upload the pictures. Either upload them onto your own computer or to a picture-printing machine at Walgreens, Target, Wal-Mart, Sam’s Club, etc. Here, you can use the program of your choice to edit, crop, or alter the colors.

5. Print the pictures. Order the pictures from one of the above-mentioned stores or your photo center of choice. I spent the money on both black & white and color images so I could decide later. (I ultimately decided on the color because my room was full of bright colors and black and white seemed too out of place in my life…)

6. Place in a frame. You can visit your local craft store to find a wide array of frames. You could try the professional website version with a nice, custom frame and a matte and line up your photos within that, or do the Funky Bear method of buying cheap random frames and unceremoniously, haphazardly hanging them on your wall. It’s your  choice — although I ultimately loved the way mine turned out.

7. Hang! Hang how you like it and take a step back to admire your work. You are now artsy-fartsy.

That was just a quick overview of how you can create word photography on your own. Take a few days over the weekend to try it out! I have faith in you. Send me your pictures so I can update the Funky Bear blogosphere with your results! Until next week…

Alphabet Soup: Time to Scrabble-ize

16 Jun

In keeping with the theme of words and their roles as decoration around the house, I decided to turn to the ultimate word game for a little inspiration. Scrabble is a game that most everyone on the planet knows how to play and has enjoyed at least once in their life. That being said, if you have been living under a rock or in Antarctica for your entire life and are unsure of the significance of this game, then Google “Scrabble” to learn how to play. For those of us living in the 21st century who are extremely familiar with this game, recently “Words with Friends,” an iPhone application, has re-sparked the Scrabble craze among the younger demographic. Competition has been fierce. I’m not going to name names, but I ALWAYS beat a certain significant other of mine by hundreds of points. Can’t deny it if it’s true.

Anyhoo, with Scrabble as my muse, I have found tons of accent pieces you can use around the house. Obviously, you wouldn’t want an entire room of letters (or maybe you would — if you achieve this, get back to me with pictures ASAP. I’m going to want to see that). Therefore, choose a few cute pieces sparingly and have fun reminiscing on this youthful game…

If you’re unsure about this whole use-a-board-game-to-decorate-your-house thing, start off simple with a few cute magnets. At only $6 or $7 for a set, you can’t go wrong.

Aw! Cheesy, but you know you like it.

Pillows are another relatively easy and painless way to add some verb-age to your home. Throw these on a plain colored couch or with lots of different textures to mix it up.

Click here to see the customizable options of these pillows. They are a little more expensive at $160 for 4 letters, but clearly add another level to this room. You can also order just one letter (an initial, perhaps?) for less.

Scrabble: The New Aphrodisiac

Another cute, homemade idea is this small burlap sack Scrabble pillow. So presh!

It's all about LOVE today.

Now, if you want to get crazy and proclaim a gigantic word or 3 to the world, this next idea is for you. You can pick and choose words to create a gigantic Scrabble board on your wall! Even though the pictures here are a little dull (they are the demo pictures from a wood-crafts website)…imagine them set against a deep turquoise wall or surrounded by your favorite pictures with your favorite words (Off topic: Do you even have a favorite word? Go to www.myfavoriteword.com to find one. You’ll be agape with all the eclectic choices).

Organization is not my forte in life (although my color-coded closet is looking pretty darn good these days). But even I know that labels always make things easier to locate. Instead of using a boring old black Sharpie or the guess-and-check method of finding things, why not try this? Use a hot glue gun to place Scrabble tiles on a bin, basket, or box so that you can easily read the label.

I just made this virtually on Photoshop so forgive the awkwardness...You get the picture though.

Last but not least (and this is my favorite), you can use Scrabble tiles to brighten up an old picture frame or personalize a new one. Here I chose to use an old antique-looking frame and created it via Photoshop just to let you see what the general idea is. I chose to use the word “Spain” to represent my study abroad trip to Barcelona. Another vibrant and funky type of frame would be a big chunky baroque one like the hot pink one below it. But technically, you could do this on any frame with your best friend of this post — hot glue.

Claire & Blair in Barca. Yes, we know our names rhyme.

Love these big, fun baroque-style frames in bright colors.

Using Scrabble accents in your home is an affordable and fresh way to add some spunk to your style. You don’t have to change a lot or have some grand upheaval of furniture — but just a touch of Scrabble here or there could be a genius touch, or at the very least, be a blast from the past to your childhood. And remember… there is nothing geeky about indulging in a game that encourages studying and/or memorization of the dictionary!

Or is there?

Alphabet Soup: Vinyl Wall Art & Decals

13 Jun

Day One of Alphabet Soup has officially begun! Remember, this week is all about words and letters, and how to use them as decorations (see Alphabet Soup entry one post ago).

Today’s find has traditionally been used for quotes, initials, and favorite words (all a part of the greater Alphabet Soup) which is why I chose it. However, lately images and graphics have started to become just as popular so there is a little of both here.

Vinyl wall art decals, graphics, quotes and decorations are becoming an increasingly popular trend. They are super easy to use and can be adhered to any flat, clean surface such as walls, windows, doors or mirrors. The greatest thing about them (in this deco-dumb dumb’s opinion) is that they are removable. So if your quote block is going more wonky than straight, you can peel it off and try again. Or if you change your mind and hate it within a week (doubtful — they are super cute) you can take it off and get rid of it. There are a number of great websites that specialize in this type of art and most give you a selection of quotes, letters, and graphics to choose from and then let you customize the size, color, font, etc. Below are some examples of how this wall art can be used in the home (click images to make bigger):

Get the idea? Next time you’ve got some free time, check out these websites and order your very own!

UpperCase Living (http://www.uppercaseliving.com)

Most of decals: $10-$30 each

Graphics can act as a wallpaper, decoration, or neutral accent.

UCL can turn images into decals too. Even though I think this is kind of creepy, it shows a different way to use them.

Love the mirror decal! This would go great in ANY bathroom.

More wallpaper-esque decals. This would be perfect for a home or apartment where you can't change the paint color (probably a bland white) of the walls.

You can add a 3-D affect and texture to any room by hanging a frame around a wall decal.


Leen the Graphics Queen (http://www.etsy.com/shop/leenthegraphicsqueen)

Most of decals: $20-$50

The designer, Leen, has a thing for dandelions. And now I think I do too! They're so pretty, feminine, and FUNKY.

This tree is precious. Especially if you're a Chi Omega (like me!) whose symbol is an owl. Sorry, had to put that in!

More dandelions -- duh!

If you can't afford a really beautiful glass chandelier, why not just smooth on a decal?

I never knew I had a thing for bird cages...but I absolutely love this!

More birds.

Wall Words (http://www.wallwords.com)

Most decals: $20-$50

This is the perfect way to sass up an old boring piece of furniture or something cheap from Goodwill or Craigslist. Check out Robert Pattinson's pic in the background...this girl must be a Twihard (isn't that what they call crazy teen Twilight fans?).

A simple, powerful word can add a lot to a room.

Written Decor (www.writtendecor.com)

Similar to Wall Words.

Especially for the young woman without a whole lot of income (or if you’ve been cut off by your ‘rents like me and have no income), these vinyl decals can be a great way to decorate on a budget. Some may seem more expensive than others — and definitely if you choose to create a wallpaper out of many graphics that you have to buy — however they can dramatically change a room for the better and spruce up cheap furniture. I think they’re definitely worth it. This post was inspired by the original quote decals, so don’t forget about them. Pick your favorite quote or word and strategically place it in a room. But for sure if you’re looking around you room and have some dead space, click through the galleries on some of these websites and find something that speaks to you. Or if you have a really plain room, spice it up with a bird cage or faux chandelier!

Alphabet Soup: Letters in Various Forms

13 Jun

Hello everyone!

I first wanted to give a huge thanks to all of you who have subscribed to the Funky Bear! I now have over 70 of you who will receive regular e-mail updates on what’s new on the site.

If you haven’t subscribed yet, there is a button to the right at the top of the screen that prompts you to input your e-mail address to sign up. Subscribe to keep you on your decorative toes and inspire great ideas! Plus I know most of you who are at work, an internship, or at school have major ADD and are online all day surfing the web or Stumbling …don’t deny it. So subscribe to fight death via boredom.

Alphabet Soup -- Yum!

I’m trying something new (well really, all of this is new) where all week I’m going to have a theme to write about. This week is called “Alphabet Soup: Letters in Various Forms.” I have a bunch of images and websites I have collected that demonstrate the different ways in which letters can be used as artwork and accents around the house.

I hope you enjoy the week of posts from A-Z. And as always, send me any cute pictures or ideas you have and YOU could be showcased on the Funky Bear next!

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