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Copycat: Jonathan Adler

31 May

If you’ve never heard of the interior designer, Jonathan Adler before, don’t worry, you’re in good company.

Only recently have I stumbled across this design guru and all of his must-have-but-out-of-my-budget goodies for the home.

Some of my ultimate favs:

Kissing Giraffes Rug, $750.00

Peace/Love Pillow, $98.00

Utopia Elephant Lamp, $350.00

Leather Elephant, $650.00

Light Blue Nixon Full/Queen Duvet, $195.00

Slate Grasscloth Wallpaper, $135.00

One of the neat things about Jonathan Adler’s work is that every once in awhile, an entire room is priced out for you to buy together. Here is one such gem, Jonathan Adler’s “Modern Romantic” Bedroom:

And for a mere $16,668.25 plus shipping and handling, it can be yours.

Or not…

Try this on for size instead. I mixed n’ matched a bunch of my favorite retailers and online vendors on Polyvore (a free online design website) and came up with a similar styled room based on JA’s fab design. This room definitely has a more “romantic” than “modern” feel, since that is more my style anyways. And as everyone knows, I love yellow and gray rooms. All of this for only $4,436.95. Let me know what you think!

1. Robin Staak Lamp, Stray Dog Designs, $350.00

2. Gray Damascus Mirror, Serena & Lily, $545.00

3. Queen-sized Fillmore Bed with Nailheads, Serena & Lily, $2,150.00

4. April in Paris print, Z Gallerie, $89.95

5. Lulu Chair in Tweed, Urban Outfitters, $429.00

6. Queen Labyrinth Dove Duvet Set, Dwell Studio, $280.00

7. Queen Bark Gobi Embroidered Sheets and Pillowcases, Serena & Lily, $220.00

8. Matchbox Nightstand, CB2, $199.00

9. Thomas Paul Swallows Flatweave Dhurrie Rug, Layla Grace, $174.00


Real Readers: Caroline, Taylor, and Sheridan

23 Jan

These days, I am obsessed with the chic, sophisticated and downright pretty house of these cute girls!

Names: Caroline, Taylor, Sheridan

Age: 24-ish

Current City: Houston, TX

Caroline – Event/Fundraiser Coordinator for a Non-Profit Organization
Taylor – Law Firm Recruiter
Sheridan – Pediatric Intensive Care Nurse

Decorating Styles:
Caroline – Traditional,  anything “anqituey” — she likes having a neutral base and then throwing in a splash of color.
Taylor – Shabby Chic, French Country…a self-proclaimed “Plain Jane” who gravitates towards creams, whites, and neutrals over bold and bright.
Sheridan – Likes coming home to a soft, calming atmosphere. She chooses any piece that makes her happy.

Right when you walk in, you are greeted with a quaint little set up. The antique-looking carte goes great with the wall sconces and framed artwork.

The streamers hanging down from the door frames are not a part of their usual decor. They were party decorations for Caroline’s 24th birthday! (Happy Birthday!) This is the visual you get in when you come out of the entry way. Believe it or not, all of these pieces of furniture are hand-me-downs from their various grandparents. The chairs were a completely different fabric and got recovered in simple white from the Design Center of Houston to match the house’s clean motif.

Cute crystal-looking lamps! Try Target, Marshalls’, West Elm or Pottery Barn for some inexpensive ones.

Taylor already had this zebra print pillow in her possession but lacked its matching partner. Thankfully, she found it at a cute boutique in Houston called, A Bientot. Don’t forget to try gift shop and jewelry boutiques for small home accents.

This pretty piece is perfect for holding all your knick-knacks. I even have the same painting they do at the top! Love!

Pretty little dining room set up. All antique hand-me-downs from the grandparents again…slipcovered in a softer linen fabric to protect the seats and cover up older fabric.

It’s all about the crystal and clear glass. Classic and easy to find at so many stores.

Islands in kitchens add SO much space and personality. Obviously not everyone has one built in but if you have the room, you can buy a stainless steel table/island and use it much in the same way. Here are all of Caroline’s birthday treats laid out!

The  curtains actually came with the house! Rather than spending a fortune on new Roman shades (that’s what they’re called) they added a few cute candlitas (little candles? si?) and made it their own.

The couches were covered in white by Sheridan and the unique end tables are from Nadeua in Highland Village in Houston. The glass lamps are from Marshall’s, and the pristine linen lampshades are from Pottery Barn. The pine wooden coffee table is from her parents’ house, but try Craigslist for other people’s old pieces.


These paintings are another great bi-product of Pinot’s Palette…the place in Houston where you get to BYOB and learn to paint a famous painting in a group. It’s only $35 for the canvas and a 3 hour class then you get beautiful art work to bring home.


A beautiful 4 poster bed (handed down from her parents) with stunning white bedding from Kuhl-Linscomb make for a fresh combination or old and new. The walls came the pale seafoam color and Caroline used it to her advantage to keep it classy with the white linens and paisley euro shams (Pottery Barn). Although she is not the biggest fan of her room (she thinks the Pottery Barn pillows were a random impulse buy)…I think it is sooo much more sophisticated than I could ever hope to be. But then again I guess I am 2 years younger than her? Does that count? Let’s hope so.

Crystal knobs on the dresser are a fun add too! Pretty, pretty!


All of Taylor’s gorgeous bed linens are from Pine Cone Hill. At the store I’m working at now, we sell this brand all the time. It has so many beautiful options for a VERY reasonable price. And it looks custom! Check out their website for more details (or come into Nest & Cot to order!).


Even the bathroom is pretty! Baskets are an easy way to both hide and store all of your bathroom necessities. And wicker and white go so well together!


Coral, white and turquoise…oh my! This traditional bed belonged to her grandparents and she had it recovered by a local guy in a flax linen color. She then uses this linen again to create a romantic little vanity.

Cute knobs!

And she has a coral bowl! LOVE!

A plastic organizer for jewelry. It’s great for storage and being able to see exactly what you’re looking for.

In case you didn’t know…How To Be A Lady. I may actually need a copy of this?

A vanity is both romantic and practical. Every girl needs one! (I know all the guys are rolling their eyes at this point…if there is even one reading). The mirror is from Marshall’s. Further proof that you can always find something to fit your style for cheap there!

Caroline, Taylor and Sheridan’s house is proof that you can mix old and new, vintage and modern, inexpensive and expensive to create a comfortable and chic home. And despite all of their class and style, they say their favorite part is actually one of their more modern creature comforts: Speakers all over the house! This includes the backyard and the bathroom (I would know — I was listening to a football game while I was using it!). TMI?! Who cares.

Hope you enjoyed visiting their home as much as I did!

Spotlight On: The Apartment Registry

17 Sep

TODAY IS MOVE-IN DAY! I finally will get the keys to my brand new, freshly accent-wall-painted apartment and I could not be more excited. Can you tell? Well technically, I don’t move in until tomorrow when my mom and dad drive my UHAUL of junk down from Austin but still – So. Freaking. Pumped.

The only issue is that the cable guy is coming to install our TV stuff today while we are at work — oh just sometime between 9:00 am and 6:00 pm. Hmm…hope my roomie will be there because I will be at work!

All of the excitement of moving on got me thinking about a few of the important things in life: Weddings…Babies…

And what they have in common: Gift Registries.

When people get married and/or have kids, it is common practice to go to certain stores and create product wish lists for their new lifestyle change. Usually these are household items or baby products. Common stores for registry include: Macy’s, Anthropologie, Pottery Barn, Babies R Us, Williams-Sonoma, Target, etc. — whatever you want, really!

I totally support that. As you phase into new stages of your life, certain needs and wants arise. That’s when your friends and family come in with the registries. You pick and choose what you need, then you hope that your crazy Aunt Erma springs for that pink George Forman grill you’ve secretly been dying for.

Who knew Barbie could grill?.

Here’s what  I don’t understand: If you get to register to stock up on gifts for these two big lifestyle changes, then why not for your first apartment as well? Hence the need for an “Apartment Registry.”

I know this may seem a little self-serving since I am moving into my first post-college apartment today and let’s be honest — it totally is.

I wish I could have a registry! And I’m not sorry about it. There are so many items I wish I could have to furnish, decorate, and complete my apartment. My thought is that in this alternate world I’m dreaming of, you could send out an apartment registry or wish lists to close family and friends or even include it on an invitation to a housewarming party. That way, if people decide to bring you gifts to your first housewarming get-together, they know what you are still lacking to round out your apartment.

What can I say, when I’m right…I’m right.

Alas, the Apartment Registry is not something we practice in the United States (or at least not in my neck of the woods — but please enlighten me if you do). However, just for giggles I’m going to show you what I would pick if I could register for the gifts, knick-knacks and necessities that I am envisioning for the big move.

Maybe if I’m very good, I’ll get some of these pressies at my next birthday (next July!) or Christmas. Either way, enjoy my random wish list of first apartment needs, at least I enjoyed creating it.


Hello fluffy, ruffle-y loveliness.

Inspired by: Urban Outfitters

YES! Animal print has to live somewhere in my house...

Gotta have the waffle robe to use while doing your make up and getting ready. I wish they had one in navy blue...

Inspired by: Houston Monogram Shop


I just bought this duvet cover from West Elm. I'm so excited about the clean white and the ruched fabric!

Inspired by: West Elm

Any sort of mirrored furniture is so Hollywood glam -- I want it! Only downfall: sticky finger prints can ruin the drama.

Inspired by: House of Turquoise

Every room needs a textured or furry pillow, don't you think? I've seen these pillows everywhere from West Elm to Crate and Barrel to Marshall's. Once I get settled, I'm going to stock up in some good colors.

Inspired by: Crate & Barrel

Note: My internet is not working right now for Etsy.com but there are at least 2 million pillows I want from there. If you are ever in need of any kind of pillow: fun, pastel, bohemian, plain, furry, long, short…Etsy is the place for you.


Ghost Furniture -- another fave. I love how this clear acrylic furniture can modernize any style room. I'll take it with a soft, furry rug any day.

Inspired by: The Decorista

A cute, upholstered chair in a fun fabric would be a great accent to any living room or even a bedroom.

Inspired by: Anthropologie

This West Elm Andalusia Rug looks a lot like designer Madeline Weinrib's rugs. But paying a fraction of the cost for something I most certainly will spill on and literally walk all over is something I'm down with.

Inspired by: West Elm

Inspired by: Helzani Designs


I would take one in every color but for now I'd settle for Pebble Gray or Soothing Seafoam. I know they're sort of "old news"-- but I still love them.

Inspired by: By Order of the Crown (Etsy)

I don't think this is an actual purchase someone could make for me, but I'm keeping my eyes peeled for a collection of vintage magazine covers or prints like these so I can create the ultimate picture cluster.

Inspired by: The Decorista

This is a mirror that was created locally in Houston but I bet given the right starting materials, anyone could lacquer a mirror up in a bright fun color. How fabulous would this look on the wall?

Inspired by: Scroggie Studio (Houston)


Found these cute plates at Anthro one weekend -- I love the black and flowers! Too bad they are $16 a plates. Not sure I can justify that one when I have a perfectly good set of white dishes...

Inspired by: Anthropologie

They claim they mean "bitch" in a good way. I don't care -- this is such a funny cookbook to display in the kitchen even if you never open it!

Inspired by: Amazon.com (and you can find it at Paula Fridkin in Houston)


I don't care where, but I have GOT TO have a turquoise lamp somewhere in my apartment. Thankfully, I have 2 at home just begging to be placed in my bedroom. Yay!

Inspired by: The Decorista

Every room needs a gorgeous jewelry box -- this one from Urban Outfitters might just be the ticket.

Inspired by: Urban Outfitters

Um...I just like this 🙂

Inspired by: Urban Outfitters


Real Readers: Caroline

18 Aug

Today is a special day when I allow my first guest blogger to have her say here on my blog. Nepotism is alive and well, people… and hard at work here at the Funky Bear. The guest blogger is my sister, Caroline! (Sidenote: If you’d like to be a guest blogger on the Funky Bear or feel you have something to share in this creative space, please email me at thefunkybear@gmail.com)

Name: Caroline

Age: 20

Hometown: Houston, Texas

Current Town: College Station, Texas

Fun Fact: Besides being my one and only little sister, Caroline was born with 2 stuck together toes! Yes, as in webbed, like a duck. The nurse who helped deliver her proudly proclaimed: “Oh don’t worry, good for swim!”  TMI? Perhaps…

Decorating Style: Classy. Colorful. Chic.

But Caroline is qualified to talk decorating in other ways than her blood relation to me. Out of the two of us, she is the one more inclined towards home design. In fact, when I told her I was starting the Funky Bear, I’m pretty sure she shunned me for no less than 3 days because it’s more her forte than mine. She probably couldn’t understand how or why I was dabbling in her world. Hmmf…but now she is helping me provide creative inspiration to all of my followers. She has always been interested in home decorating and design since the ripe age of 6 when she started her very own design notebook. She pulled scraps out of magazines and wrote on sticky notes things such as “Nice curtains” and “Good lamp” so she wouldn’t forget when she was all grown and had her own place.

Well, now she does at her first house at Texas A&M University and she would like to share her tips of the trade with YOU. Keep in mind, she has just moved in in the past few weeks and the walls are still very bare. But you can definitely get some great ideas looking through the decorating mecca that is her house. I’m OBSESSED and I know you will be to.

So without further ado, here is Caroline’s point of view:

Hello Funky Bear followers! I’m excited to be able to share with ya’ll my new love affair – my very first house, and it has a red door! Love at first sight. I’ve always loved design & decorating, but am in a whole new arena now that I have my own house (and all the fun stuff inside is coming out of my wallet! Yikes.)  My 3 lovely roommates and I just moved in this Summer and have been having a ball putting it together. I can tell they’re true friends because they have completely let me take the reins decorating wise.

Our little red door house is a work in progress! One thing I’ve learned so far is that decorating (the right way) takes time and patience. It doesn’t happen all at once, no matter how much you want it to, and it turns out a whole lot better that way. I’m going to share a few tid bits on what’s been going on in my house thus far…

Welcome to my room! I took this old wrought iron bed from my room at my parent’s house and threw my freshman dorm Pottery Barn bedding on it. I’m a big fan of color, and love that the red comforter incorporates lots of fun, bright ones. The white on the bed adds a clean crisp vibe to the loud colors. Then for finish, I added a few accent pillows (thanks to Marshall’s and Stein Mart — awesome throw pillows at a great price.)

The lamps beside my bed were a Target purchase! I love the lining of the shades with that fun design so that when you turn the light on, it adds a little somethin’ extra.

My mom and I found this great old pine desk at a resale shop in Austin for $70! I’d been looking for so long, and this was hands down the best deal. I leaned this old mirror (another Mom find) up against the wall. At first it was out of the laziness that came from trying to hang it all by myself, but I’m really starting to kind of like the lean, laid-back, chic look.

I set on top of the mirror this little sign (with some wise words from Cinderella) found at Marshall’s.

On top of my desk sits this classy little lamp. Believe it or not, it was a Target find! It’s got the silver candlestick look and the shade is this soft blue that I love.

The jewelry box was an Urban Outfitters find ($40) and the little bird-earring holder was $7 from Marshall’s. If you can’t tell by now, I’m a huge Marshall’s fan and bargain shopper extraordinaire.

Touches of leopard print here and there never get old. My mom found this chair for me a long time ago at a resale shop in Houston (The Guild – for any of you Houstonians). Again, the throw pillow was a recent buy at Target!

And here we have my first painting project! My mom had this funky old wood table. Since it was just a practice/starter piece, I decided to go bold and put a coat of this hummingbird turquoise on it. It was way easier to paint and distress than I thought! New hobby? Possibly.

Here are some quick instructions to Do It Yourself if you’re interested:

Step 1: Find old piece of furniture – Craigslist, around the house, resale shops…you name it!

Step 2: If it’s already got a coat of paint on it or a stain, you’ll need to sand it off so that the paint and finish will stick (which is all I did). Or you can do a combination of sanding and priming. Priming is easy as well and anyone at Home Depot can help you find the right primer depending on the piece. Make sure to wipe the piece down to get off all the dust particles etc. off before you start applying paint!

Step 3: Now you get to paint! Turn on some music, lay out a old sheet or tarp, and go to work. You don’t need fancy paint brushes, but cheapy ones will just make your piece look cheap. Quality is better, even if it’s a few bucks more. Worth it. Ask someone at your local hardware store and they’ll point you in the right direction.

Step 4: Re-apply another coat to make the color rich and non-streaky! Let it dry overnight.

Step 5: To give it an antique, distressed look – you’ll need some sandpaper! Go over all the edges where a piece of furniture is prone to wear over time. Corners, lines, etc. – you can distress it however much or little you’d like.

Step 6: Once you’re done with this, you’ll want to wipe down with a damp cloth to get off all the dust and anything left over on it. Now you’ll put a clear, glossy sealer over it to help it resist stains and give it a nice finished look! It’s like putting on clear nail polish, you can’t really mess it up, but if you do it right, it makes a big difference. And voila! You’re done.

An old vase from a flower delivery a while back and some one dollar colorful daisies from Michael’s serve as our “centerpiece” for our kitchen table.

This one gets props from Funky Bear herself and my momma, the one who taught me everything I know! My mom painted and distressed this fun piece and my sister gets credit for the artwork. She was going to throw that away! Someone’s trash is another’s treasure…

Our cozy living room! All pieces from our old house mixed and matched together.

A little home-made artwork around the house! Me and my friends had a girls night one evening consisting of canvases, an array of acrylic paints, Alanis Morrisette setting the mood, and a little bit of wine. Artistic inspiration in a nutshell.

Here are some little touches around my room. Everyone knows it’s the little touches that make a house a home…

Found this little silver tray at a resale shop for $4! Put a candle on it and it sits right on one of my bed side tables.

I like filling shelves with all my books – the bindings bring in color and a homey feel.

I love trays of perfume, gives it a feminine feel, even if most of the bottles are basically empty.  I found the white oval plate the perfumes are sitting on at Marshall’s.

More homemade stuff. Here is a fun card I found at a boutique in Austin! I found some scrapbooking paper and matted it on that and stuck it in a 8 x 10 black frame.

This is in my roommate (Kristin’s) room and I’ve always wanted to do this! She found an old window pane at an antique store for $12. She cleaned up the glass a little and stuck some pictures in! She recently bought another one for our house that I’m sure we’ll do something fun with.

As you can tell, our house is still kind of empty feeling – but we’re trying to pace ourselves! That only means we get to prolong the fun of getting to decorate and add to the house. But for now, I’d say it’s a pretty good start. When it starts coming together even more, maybe Claire will let me update you guys on how it’s looking. Thanks, hope you enjoyed!

Spotlight On: Jewelry Organization and Display

6 Aug

Okay so it’s that time of year again when people are moving out, moving in, and moving back to school. For those lucky peeps who get to go back to the University of Georgia — the #1 party school in the nation, may I add — I am supremely jealous. But going back to school can be a fiasco between moving into new digs, participating in Rush, or just getting ready for the school year in general. Even I am about to make a big move to Houston in 2 pieces — first, all of my clothes, etc. Later when it’s time to move into my apartment, I’ll come back for all of my furniture. Lovely, isn’t it?

Anyhoo, the point of this ramble is that when you’re moving around, you tend to want to get organized FAST! No one likes to have their room in disarray for long. People are always looking for little ways to compartmentalize, store and display their goodies. Especially jewelry.

There are lots of ways to organize and show off your jewelry at the same time. But you have probably seen so many different ways that you can’t even remember. Have no fear, Funky Bear is here! I’m going to show you a bunch of great things you can buy and make to organize your life via your jewelry in a neat, unique and FUNKY way.


First of all, I know all my loyal little Funky Bears read one of my first posts about making your own Earring Frames. I can’t stress enough how easy and effective this DIY project is! Read the post and go try it yourself, it will allow you to show off all your pretty dangly earrings and add some FUNK to your room in general depending on the frame you decide on.

Then in my most recent post, I took you through Ariel’s room and showed you her corkboard jewelry holder. This is also an easy one. Just buy a piece of cork, cut it to your liking, add push pins (they can be very decorative) and hang jewelery. Voile!


Inspired by: Arianna Belle

Inspired by: Lovely Undergrad

Inspired by: Arianna Belle

Inspired by: Arianna Belle


Inspired by: Urban Outfitters


Inspired by: Urban Outfitters


Only $20!

Inspired by: Urban Outfitters

Inspired by: Design Milk

Inspired by: Design Milk

Inspired by: Design Milk


Inspired by: Viva Terra


Inspired by: Viva Terra


Inspired by: Viva Terra

$32 to $46

Inspired by: The Well Dressed Room



Inspired by: Urban Outfitters


Inspired by: Urban Outfitters


Inspired by: Arianna Belle

Inspired by: Arianna Belle


Inspired by: Ameriglobe


Inspired by: Ameriglobe

Inspired by: Dream, Create, Inspire



Inspired by: Urban Outfitters


Inspired by: Urban Outfitters


Inspired by: Element Clay Studio on Etsy

Inspired by: Element Clay Studio on Etsy


Inspired by: Urban Outfitters

Inspired by: Odd Candy

Inspired by: The Anthology



Inspired by: Urban Outfitters


Inspired by: Arianna Belle

Inspired by: The Decorista

So to sum it all up, here are some tips when figuring out how you want to organize and display your jewelry:

1) Figure out if you like to have your jewelry on display or covered up, neat and tidy. Then you know if you want to have it out in the open or in a gorgeous jewelry box like the one from Urban Outfitters above.

2) Find your style. Whether you are an au natural tree-loving woman or are feminine and vintage, there is a jewelry display option for you.

3) Don’t rule out big chain stores! You can find cute options at Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, The Container Store, and Marshall’s.

Send me pictures of you display your jewelry! I’ll give an update when I get enough pics!

Spotlight On: Table Tops

21 Jul

If you’re in my generation and you hear the word “table top,” this is what comes to mind: A childish, semi-violent game that starts with a good conversation and ends being shoved over a crouching person’s back.

1) The Convo: Trickster #1 lures the innocent victim in with a little mindless conversation. This distracts the victim while Trickster #2 sets up his table top.

2) The Push: Trickster #1 finally gets what he is after and proceeds to push the victim over the table top that is Trickster #2’s back.

3) The Fall: The innocent victim falls helplessly to the ground as Trickster #1,Trickster #2 and any lucky bystanders get to laugh.

To see the full video which I pulled these stills from, click here.

Obviously, this ain’t your mama’s table top.

Your mama’s table top looks something more like this:

Inspired by: Vaughn Antiques

Looks like something my grandma would have. Not that that’s bad…

What I want to show you today is how you can combine the youthful fresh spirit behind the trick table top with the traditional piece of furniture that you know and love.

Check out these fun and inspirational table top areas. Some are dressers, mantles, tables and desks, but you can definitely get a good idea for how to give your table tops around your house more personality.

Enjoy 🙂

Umm this is every synonym you can think of for the word "amazing." Love the toile on the table and the bold stripes on the floor. The pink isn't too overwhelming here because it is set against the neutral light sketch wallpaper.

Inspired by: The Decorista

The textures surround this vanity are great: feathers o the lamp, animal skull above (sad!), and the spherical curvature of the turquoise vase.

Inspired by: Design Sponge Online

This sweet little desk space is uncluttered yet interesting with the lime green lampshade and yellow flower accents.

Inspired by: Kelly McCaleb

This antique table houses an array of layered picture frames to mix it up a bit.

Inspired by: Living Etc.

This color blue seems to be popping up everywhere for me and I like it -- a lot. It adds a lot of fun color to this all white room!

Inspired by: The Decorista

You can use anything for a table top space: Check out this night stand that is made out of a cart on wheels.

Inspired by: The Lovely Undergrad

This little number gives the room some drama by being in stark contrast to the dark wall color. And I love the baroque-esque mirror!

Inspired by: Peppermint Bliss

This is so charming to me! And how easy would it be to paint an old dresser white and blue?

Inspired by: Better Homes & Gardens “New Decorating Book”

The crazy patterns, the yellow stools, the sunburst sculpture -- I love it all! Try this one out in your entry way...

Inspired by: Studio Ten 25

This little end table is elegant and fresh at the same time. The all white bird lamp makes it a little more funky and eclectic. I love the black table!

Inspired by: The Decorista

So there is your daily dose of table top love! I will continue on my quest of inspired ways to decorate the various table tops in your home. It’s becoming a new obsession of mine…

Color Me Happy: Totally Taken with Turquoise

21 Jun


The word conjures images of sandy beaches with crisp teal waters, lime green frozen margaritas, vibrant bathing suits and matching toe nails, and chunky necklaces to brighten up an all white-outfit.

And Summer would be completely bereft without the color turquoise.

It seems to me that this gorgeous hue is the color of the year. Seriously. I am DYING to paint my room a startling shade of turquoise. However, since I’m still living with some very picky roommates (a.k.a. Mom & Dad) who don’t throw paint up on the wall on a whim, that just isn’t an option for me right now. But I’ve been window shopping online to see how other (lucky) people are using this color in their homes because as soon as I’m out of this prison lovely home**, you can bet your last dollar this color is going up on my walls.

**I’m just teasing. I love my mom and dad they are wonderful people and extremely generous for putting me and my cat up in their beautiful home for the Summer 🙂

If, like me, you are inspired by loud colors, do a search online for “color inspiration” and check out the Google images you get or the different designing blogs that come up. The best one I’ve found for today’s turquoise inspiration is:

House of Turquoise http://www.houseofturquoise.com

This blog is written by a gal named Erin who is obsessed with the color turquoise (more so than me, I believe).

She also has a shopping blog to lead you directly to all things turquoise: http://www.everythingturquoise.com/

Here are some of the amazing, eclectic, and crazy rooms I found to inspire you to use turquoise in your life. Get ready, because this one is a doozy. I couldn’t contain my excitement for the color, so I went all out. Enjoy!!

Inspired by: Alkemie

I love how this designer paired the intense turquoise walls with an equally as intense shade of green for an accent with the mirrors and seat cushions. So fun!

Inspired by: Alkemie

This is a little example of how you can use turquoise with pink — it doesn’t have to look like Lilly Pulitzer threw up all over your house. With this funky and different mirror and the darker shade of turquoise, the room looks sophisticated rather than silly.

Inspired by: Alkemie

Here’s another example of using lime green and turquoise together in a way that works well. These book shelves seem like they are built into the wall, but you could just as easily buy an old set of bookshelves on Craigslist or at Goodwill and paint it turquoise yourself. That way if you mess up or the color is way too much for you (how on earth could that happen?!) then you can scrap it, no big deal.

Inspired by: Canadian House & Home

This kitchen was boldly painted turquoise and the back of the shelves have been covered in a cute wallpaper. An easy DIY should you find the time.

Inspired by: Canadian House & Home

This room has a very sophisticated look but is livened up with the turquoise rug and accents. It makes the room more inviting and young feeling, even with the other harsh black and white pieces.

Inspired by: Casa Pinka

Here is a lighter shade of turquoise on the walls, for all you hesitaters out there. I also love the darker turquoise hanging piece and the birds on the wall. It really adds some funk, no?

Inspired by: Decor Pad

Here is a bright dining area. It appears as if the owner painted the chairs the same color as the walls to match. I love the bird cage in the background too! They seem to popping up everywhere.

Inspired by: Growers & Nomads

The painted tree on the walls is reminiscent of the decals I found in my earlier article, Alphabet Soup: Vinyl Wall Art & Decals. Turquoise is the perfect background to set these decals on, especially ones with white or a very light tan.

Inspired by: Growers & Nomads

Again, green + turquoise = too much cuteness. The way the wall is decorated above the couch is another obsession of mine. I love clustering picture frames to create a centerpiece for the room.

Inspired by: House of Turquoise

Although the walls are not painted turquoise, the shower curtain incorporates the color in a fun, flirty way.

Inspired by: House of Turqouise

The color with these decorations looks eclectic and cool; different from how most people pair things with turquoise (bright with bright, or bright with bright white). And the “Welcome” letters are fabulous! More Alphabet Soup for ya…

Inspired by: House of Turquoise

Yet another room with reds and turquoise that somehow avoids the Lilly Pulitzer vom affect. This would be a really cute guest room (if you have a guest room at this point in your life).

Inspired by: LuLu Painting

Matching the couches to the wall could have been a disaster but it is pulled off effortlessly here with plain furniture and all-white accessories.

Inspired by: LuLu Painting

If my living room could be as bright, happy and funky as this one someday, my life’s decorating mission would be complete. LOVE all the browns, greens and the light shade of turquoise (almost sky blue) and the cluster of pictures on the wall.

Inspired by: Odi Et Amo

This room is fresh and clean with jolts of color. It looks like it could be for a teenage girl but is mature enough to work for anyone with a few additions of your own liking and age-appropriate-ness.

That’s it for today’s Inspiration Board. I hope you are as totally taken with turquoise as I am. Keep looking at other blogs for color inspirations and get some turquoise in your life ASAP!

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