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Shopping: Horchow Sale TODAY!

18 Aug

I do not need to spend money during Horchow’s sale.

I do not need to spend money during Horchow’s sale.

I do not need to spend money during Horchow’s sale.

This is the mantra that I have been repeating in my head all day so I don’t buy something I do not need. Which I do not. My apartment is bursting with random furniture that I keep picking up as it is. Horchow is having a 25-30% off sale on all items online for one more day! The sale neds tomorrow morning, August 19, at 6:00am CST.

I used to think this was a store for “old people” but as it turns out, they have a great variety of both traditional, mature items as well as styles that I have been craving lately. This either A) means I am getting old or B) I was wrong…neither of which I care to admit to.

Go to www.horchow.com and remember to enter the code “TREASURE” when you check out.

Check out these loverlies I’ve been drooling over today:

“Bethany Scrolls” Chest

“Vivie” Mirrored Coffee Table

Golden “Greek Key” Mirror

“Infinity Scroll” Chest

Gray Basketweave Garden Seat

Silver Leather Pouf

French Laundry Home “Williamson” Striped Chair


Orange and Ivory Pillows and Rug

Striped Chest

Alita Basketweave Lights

Craigslist: Houston Finds

11 Apr

Hi, my name is Claire. And I’m a Craigslister.

I understand the first step towards overcoming my problem is admitting I have one.

I have spent countless hours and money on finding pieces I can upcycle on Craigslist, only to find that there is no more room in my small apartment.

My roommate is ready to disown me. If she walks into our tiny living room one more time to the smell of paint and a half-primed dresser, she will most certainly not want to renew our lease.

But please, benefit from my obsession. As I dig through the trenches of Houston’s Craigslist (sorry — local only for now!), I will post the most promising couple of pieces for your gawking pleasure in it’s own “Craigslist Finds” tab at the top of the menu.

1. 4 Parsons Chairs – $25.00 each

2. Mirrored Accent Table – $125.00

3. 11-Drawer White Dresser – $240.00

4. Shabby Turquoise Vintage Buffet/Table/Dresser – $300.00

5. Vintage Refurbished School Locker for Storage – $159.00

These Houston Craigslist finds usually just need a little bit of refurbishing and voila! An interesting new piece for you home without breaking the bank.

DIY: Gray White Washed Dresser

9 Feb

From drab to fab in just one day!

My oldy moldy piece of green nastiness dresser went from FUGLY…

…to FABULOUS with just a few coats of paint and some crystal knobs.

All I had to do was:

1. Prime — with white paint (you should give it a light sand and then wipe the sheddings off after each round)

2. Paint — with gray paint. Give it 2-3 good, solid coats.

3. Paint — with a thin, scratchy layer of white paint with a coarse brush. Just lightly brush this on and use a rag to rub off excess paint of one area gets too much.

4. Sand — make sure to get the edges to create a quasi-distressed look atop the white washed look.

5. Add crystal knobs (from Home Depot) — if you’re in Houston try Bering’s for the best selection of crystal and colorful knobs.

After I let it sit out and dry for a couple of days, I placed it in my closet with a coordinating “crystal” lamp and I store all of my running shorts, bathing suits, and underwear in there!

I’m obsessed, aren’t you?

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