Check out my first Funky Bear post to see my reasons for existence…

And e-mail me at thefunkybear@gmail.com with thoughts, comments and pictures!


Martha Stewart wannabes — even if you don’t have a creative bone in your body.

20-somethings who are kind of in the middle of teenager and full adult.

Those who get anxiety attacks when they walk into a Bed, Bath & Beyond or The Container Store. Like me…

Up-and-coming young professionals who don’t have the time or energy to seek out decorating ideas but still crave their house (or apartment or room) to become a home.

Those who think that a few well-placed plastic picture frames and taped up posters is decorating at its finest (Not so, apparently).

Penny-pinchers trying to make the most of their budget — I will definitely try to offer alternative options to higher priced finds.

Statement makers who just need to find that statement and own it!

Anyone open-minded who is interested in design (like I am attempting to be).

Or those of you who just want to support me in my endeavor but don’t really read what I write (That may in fact be the bulk of my subscribers).


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