Obsession: Family Values Subway Art

11 Jun

New obsession of the week: Subway art.

Technically speaking “subway art” refers to the graffiti movement — particularly in New York City. Today, this creative expression, traditionally done in spray paint, manifests itself in wall art displaying various sized lettering.

I’m a little bit obsessed with typography and canvas paintings (in separate but equal ways) and I recently stumbled across these refreshing works of art that combine my loves.

And what’s really cool is the way in which modern families are using subway art. This art form has popped up all over blogs as ways for families to create an identity for themselves, while reaffirming their special memories and important values.

So feel free to peruse the following subway art featuring different family values and mantras. Click the different blog links as some contain instructions on how to do it yourself. This is definitely on my crafting to do list.

Inspired by: Shabby Nest

Inspired by: RedLetterWords on Etsy

Inspired by: Cupcake Cuppy

Inspired by: Art & Artifact

Inspired by: The V Spot Blog

Inspired by: WallBling on Etsy

Inspired by: Sassy Sanctuary

Inspired by: The Inspired Room

Inspired by: How Does She

Inspired by: Thoughtful Expressions Vinyls

Inspired by: CellarDesigns on Etsy

Inspired by: TerriColtynBaker on Etsy

Inspired by: Tara H. Lowry


One Response to “Obsession: Family Values Subway Art”

  1. Robyn June 15, 2011 at 12:56 pm #

    Love all of these – I too love typography and the statement that you can make through just words…. guess that is the adverstising major in me! Have you ever heard of SugarBoo Designs (http://www.sugarboodesigns.com/) – I love their stuff — they have some baby stuff that I think Nest and Cot should carry.

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