Weddings: “The First Wedding”

26 May

The first out of all of my best friends is getting married. In 3 days. As in this weekend. As in Thursday – Bachelorette Party, Friday – the Rehearsal Dinner, Saturday – Marriage/Eternity.

To say I’m excited for her is an understatement. She is one of the most naturally beautiful, kind, and positive-spirited people I have ever met — with a laugh you can hear for miles that is truly contagious — and I wish her and her husband-to-be every happiness in the world (cheesy, yet true).

If this one romantic sentence has been too mushy for you already, I highly advise you to stop reading. Guys, if you’re out there (hey Simon!), you’re off the hook for the rest of the post. The sole purpose of the following images is to whet your appetite for weddings as well as mine for this weekend.

The “Bella Notte” song from Lady and the Tramp playing on repeat in my head as I have been organizing my pictures for this post, so now you might as well listen too. Click the song name to set the mood. And if you want a more modern version, check out Glee’s from the Season Finale Tuesday night.

I. Die.

Now ladies — dim the lights, grab your glass of vino, and prepare to “Ooh” and “Aah” over the prettiness that is about to happen. It’s the First Wedding Post, complete with a mish mash of inspirations and lovelies I have found in the past year of blogging:

Could there BE a better image to start my first wedding post? Me thinks not. Kate Middleton embodies every cliche all little girls dream of. Her skin was glowing, hair was flowing, and she was impeccably dressed. And yes, if you're wondering, I did wake up at 3:00am a few weeks ago to enjoy the festivities. Crumpets for everyone!

Vineyard-esque wedding setting complete with oversized strings of light bulbs. You can feel the warmth ooze from this picture.

Inspired by: Pinterest

Brightly colored candles go well with the neutral whites as an eye-catching centerpiece for this table.

Inspired by: Martha Stewart Weddings

A personal fav of mine -- mason jars -- gives this lemonade (or twist on the Mojito?) a certain Southern charm.

Inspired by: Pinterest

A customizable typography print -- the modern way to commemorate any special day.

Inspired by: LoveInLetters via Etsy

An all-white tented wedding reception is SO Father of the Bride.

Inspired by: Style Me Pretty 

Using old window panes with chalk paint to organize the seating assignments. Pure vintage genius.

Inspired by: The Knot

Cosmopolitan Jello Shots at the reception. Somewhere Carrie Bradshaw is smiling.

Inspired by: Jelly Shot Test Kitchen

A garland of Lilies to garnish the stairs of a home wedding.

Inspired by: Martha Stewart Weddings

A true work of art. Simple yet detailed.

Inspired by: Maisie Fontaisie Wedding Cakes 

Apartment Therapy's Tip for Outdoor Lighting: Use every glass jar and candle you can find.

Inspired by: Apartment Therapy

A perfect view of the Eiffel Tower for one. This one isn't wedding, just oh-so-romantic.

Inspired by: Pinterest

Delicate lace covered wedding dress. And the designer's name is Claire Pettibone (CP). *Swoon*

Inspired by: Mi Belle

Put all of that drinking to good use and recycle the empty bottles like so. Create a label with numbers for the different tables people will be seated at. It really puts the FUN in FUNctional, doesn't it?

Inspired by: Martha Stewart Weddings

By the way, I’m still listening to “Bella Notte.” I literally have the Lady and the Tramp and Glee versions on back to back repeat. Just saying.

Humor, puns, and wayfarers? Please and thanks.

Inspired by: Pinterest

"Mrs. Fill-In-The-Blank" Hang your wedding dress on this and remember the reason you are getting married every time you look at it.

Inspired by: buttonzandbloomz via Etsy

A perfect Fall centerpiece with beautiful, delicate beading hanging from the branches. An easy DIY project, too.

Inspired by: Pinterest

A Raspberry Beer Cocktail. Click the link below for what appears to be a fabulous alcoholic beverage.

Inspired by: The Charity Wedding

Use any personal quote, song lyric or movie line ("I'm a bird if you're a bird.") to customize posters like so.

Inspired by:

Blue and white = Crisp and pretty centerpieces.

Inspired by: Cocktails Details

Alice in Wonderland meets picnic chic? Not sure why I'm attracted to this except for its simple whimsy. And the super ordinary picnic bench somehow adds big character.

Inspired by: Pinterest

I knew I was on to something with lemon centerpieces and decor... Zesty, colorful and I'm sure it keeps the place smelling fresh.

Inspired by: The DIY Bride

Bahaha...a funny sign unless it leads to the couple's demise. Post at your own risk.

Inspired by: FunnySideOfLife via Etsy

Sparkly stringed lights. If you can't tell...I'm slightly obsessed. Now if only we had weather in Texas like Northern California or somewhere sans humidity so we would want to be outdoors that would be fab.

Inspired by: Jordan Ferney

More outdoor whimsy with this earthy image.

Inspired by: Style Files

Modern and chic damask wedding cake. So beautiful, it would be hard to cut into.

Inspired by: Pinterest

Sweet etched glass candle holders as table markers.

Inspired by: ThePaperyNook via Etsy

I know the couple is cute, but all I can see are the sweet paper lanterns hanging softly above their heads.

Inspired by: Martha Stewart Weddings

A place for your guests to write notes and well-wishes and then nest them in a tree.

Inspired by: Martha Stewart Weddings

Just plain lovely.

Inspired by: Pinterest

All you need is a hammer and nails for this industrial centerpiece. And a lot of cans of baked beans.

Inspired by: One Fab Day

Fireworks, whether metaphorical or literally, are a must at weddings.

Inspired by: Style Me Pretty

I will leave you with this little nugget I have found somewhere along the way. An engagement photography session re-creating the most romantic scenes from none other than THE NOTEBOOK. Not sure how she got her groom to partake in these festivities but I give it two thumbs up. Beautiful photography, evocative of the originals they were trying to replicate…everything is wonderful. But let’s be honest, the real deal is amazeballs (last picture of the post). Enjoy!

Uncanny. Click the link to see more of the amazing photo shoot.

Inspired by: Green Wedding Shoes

Last big swoon of the night then off to bed.


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