Spotlight On: Wine Racks

9 Jan

Caroline, the newest Funky Bear, is still on Christmas Break from school…so she won’t be posting for a few weeks. In the mean time, I have been busy renovating me home a little bit. Today for example, I found this mega-steal on Craigslist.

$25 for this solid wood wine rack!

The thing is seriously heavy, and has no dings or cracks to speak of. It is wobbly on one side but that is easily fixed with furniture buffers or a little piece of wood. And it holds 25 bottles of wine. I highly doubt I’ll ever have the need to hold that much wine — but you never know. I had planned on painting and antiquing the wood a fun color (turquoise, anyone?) but it turns out it is in great condition the way it is and the dark wood complements my other kitchen furniture. I think I’ll keep her just the way she is.

Wine racks are one of the many reminders of why I love being over 21. They make you feel totally mature and grown-up. But if you aren’t 21 yet, or don’t care for wine, try one of these other great ways to use a wine rack.

To hold your olive oils, soaps, or other non-refrigerated cooking items in the kitchen. A unique way to show off and organize your space, no?

A funky and fresh shoe rack for your closet. This one is a little tall to fit under my clothes, so just make sure to invest in one that fits your closet space. Great for flats and flip flops, maybe not the best or most convenient for heels.

Inspired by: The Trendy Home

A neat way to hold your bathroom or kitchen towels where they are easily within reach. This pictures shows a small wine rack used in a bathroom but a larger one like mine could look really cool if you antiqued the wood and had rows and rows of beautiful towels.

Let me know if anyone else has other great ideas for wine racks!


One Response to “Spotlight On: Wine Racks”

  1. Penny January 9, 2011 at 8:32 pm #

    I like it! “Found” items that are deals are the best!

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