Spotlight On: Headboards

28 Sep

After my recent post about customized headboards that you can do yourself, I thought I’d give everyone some food for thought on this topic.

Browse through the following pictures for some genuine headboard decoration inspiration. Then get crackin’ on the DIY part. And send me your pictures of your projects! I love getting updates from you.

Try dark brown, tan or even burlap to cover a headboard for a warm, inviting look.

Inspired by: Better Homes & Gardens New Decorating Book

For double the trouble, cover two twin headboards in a bright, bold fabric like this magenta. It really adds a special color pop to the otherwise calm room.

Inspired by: Decor Pad

If you can find fabric like this, then great. But if not, try painting letters on with fabric paint. Or if you're really skilled, cut the letters out of a different colored fabric and sew them onto your headboard fabric! That's where my arts and crafts skills end...sewing.

Inspired by: The Decorista

Obviously the more intricate you get the wood for your headboard cut, the more complex and possibly difficult it will be to cover it smoothly and properly. But great challenges often yield great rewards -- like this dramatic red headboard.

Inspired by: Lonny Mag

This is a cute and very do-able headboard because it is so simple in design/construction. To imitate this look, pick a fun patterned fabric and pair with other plain bedroom textiles and furniture.

Inspired by: Decorati, Designer: Massucco Warner Miller

Here is another Massucco Warner Miller design. Again, use a patterned fabric with unpatterned bed materials for a young, fresh look.

Inspired by: Decorati, Designer: Massucco Warner Miller

LOVE the kelly green, cow print and white. A little plain jane yet fabulous at the same time.

Inspired by: High Heeled Foot in the Door

This busy fabric acts as the centerpiece of this room. If you can find the perfect fabric, I highly recommend this option to up the ante in a room with plain walls.

Inspired by: Decor Pad

Here's another fun fabric as the centerpiece.

Inspired by: La Dolce Vita

Another interesting way to mix up your headboard is to use two separate pieces of wood to cover. This creates fun panels and is SO easy. You just repeat the DIY process twice! You could also use cork in them (and forgo the padding) and pin up pictures for a more personalized feel.

Inspired by: Living Etc.

Pair a super neutral, clean fabric (such as white) with a crazy color for a bedroom.

Inspired by: The Decorista

Now go forth and be inspired today!!


One Response to “Spotlight On: Headboards”

  1. Caroline Pullen September 28, 2010 at 11:11 am #

    Love your highlight on headboards, especially since you have such a beautiful one in your new apt!!

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