Obsession: More Ikat

29 Aug

If you recall from my last ikat article, ikat is a fun and vibrant fabric that can add a great deal of personality to any room. This is just a little update of some more ikat inspiration.

Earlier this week, my friend Jodi told me that she was inspired by the Funky Bear to buy some pillows. I was pleasantly surprised when she sent me the pictures of these pillow and they were ikat! She clicked through the websites from my ikat article and found a few cute pillows she loved on Etsy. She said they were affordable and are great quality. So if my first article didn’t have you convinced that you need to own some ikat, I hope looking at Jodi’s cute pillows will!

Love ’em! Also, as I’ve been scouring the web for deals on cute things for my new apartment (I finally get to move in September 17!), I stumbled across these lovely ikat slipper chairs from Urban Outfitters (which is quickly becoming one of my fav places to find FUNKY pieces to decorate).

Whether you are in the market for a chair or just like to window shop to earmark things for the future, check out Urban Outfitters’ website to find out more about these great ikat-patterned chairs.

And FYI — chairs are expensive. I know when I saw the price of these chairs ($328 each) I balked a lit tle, but nice sitting and lounge chairs for your own room or den can be around $500 depending where you look. Just keep that in mind when shopping for chairs (on Pottery Barn, patterned slipper chairs similar to the ones below are $699).

All images inspired by Urban Outfitters.

Moral of the story: If you haven’t found a way to work some ikat magic into your home, now you don’t have an excuse. Everyone needs pillows and chairs. So get on Etsy or  Urban Outfitters and buy that ikat!


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