Smelly Cat :(

29 Jul

Hi everyone.

Today I have a very personal request/message.

Because I am moving to Houston and with an allergic roommate, I have to give my cat, Smelly Cat (seriously), away.

I wanted a cat SO badly when I was a Junior in high school, so I decided to make a Power Point presentation to sway my parents. I appealed to my dad’s business sense with financial estimates and pie charts depicting how I would cover her costs, and won my mom over with sweet pictures of kittens in need of rescue.

A couple weeks later, my principal called me (whatup Ms. Farmer?!) saying they had found a 1 year old cat at school who needed adopting. I said yes, sight unseen.

When I first laid eyes on Smelly, she was a skinny little scared-y cat. But over the years we have loved her and fed her enough that now she is fat, beautiful and happy. I really love my little baby but can’t keep her anymore, and my parents have taken care of her longer than they’ve had to. They’re not cat people.

Are YOU a cat person? I’m looking for a new, loving home for her. And fast! My parents want her out in a week and a half!

She is 5-6 years old and a PTSD survivor. We’re not sure what happened to her in her in that 1st year of life before we adopted her, but whatever it was, she afraid of loud noises now. Therefore she is a cat with special needs who needs a special person to love her and take care of her. She doesn’t have a mean bone in her body (no biting, no scratching), she is sweet and affectionate as long as it is a quiet/calm environment. Every night she curls up with me in bed and loves to be pet and scratched behind her ears.

She is spayed, has all of her shots, and is declawed in her front claws making her a mainly indoor cat — although she does love to spend the night out now and then. I’ve never seen her around dogs, but since she is a little timid, I assume she wouldn’t do well in a household with dogs. She is also not a “fun” cat for kids. She would not want to be grabbed, chased around, or yelled at. Then again…who would?


Help me and Smelly Cat out. If you want to adopt her, or know a cat-lover who would, please e-mail me at or Comment below.


One Response to “Smelly Cat :(”

  1. Dad July 29, 2010 at 9:47 pm #

    Now we’re talking!!

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