Real Readers: Inspired by Funky Bear

12 Jul

I got an e-mail yesterday that MADE MY DAY! A Funky Bear subscriber was inspired by one of my posts to use yellow in her new apartment!

A friend from college, Carrie, has just made a big move to Richmond, Virginia to accept an awesome job in advertising (yay Carrie!). While trying to make her new apartment cozy and familiar, Carrie was on the prowl for good ideas.

She had been checking in with Funky Bear from time to time and was looking for ways to brighten her room and make it more cheerful. When I posted all about yellow rooms, she knew she had found her inspiration. Yellow is Carrie’s favorite color and she decided to get crafty.

Here is the picture she was inspired by:

A Domino room was just the inspiration Carrie was looking for!

Inspired by: Simon on the Side

Here is Carrie’s final product:

It looks AMAZING, right?

Since this is sort of a DIY too, here’s how you can re-create the “lined shelf” look:

1. Buy liner. Carrie went to Target to buy a roll of plain yellow wrapping paper. (She also mentioned hey had a GREAT selection of other fun colors such as pink, orange, blue, red, etc — so if yellow’s not your thang try another color!) You can also use swatches of fabric or wallpaper depending on the look and pattern you’re craving.

2. Cut lining. She then measured the back panels of all the shelves in her bookcase and cut out yellow wrapping paper pieces accordingly.

3. Attach lining. Carrie decided to use double-sided tape to attach her color to the back panels — and it obviously worked out just fine for her. But another easy and removable way to keep the wrapping paper in place is to use tacks in each of the 4 corners. You can match them to the wallpaper or find clear ones. This will allow you to pull it as tight as you want to decrease wrinkles and you can pull them off whenever you need to.

4. Voila! Carrie had re-created a great sunny look in her new apartment in (probably) less than 30 minutes!

Here is some of Carrie’s parting advice for all you crafty girls out there:

“These projects really aren’t that hard. I think they look intimidating at first, but if you kind of just break them down little by little, instead of trying to magically transform your room one day, it makes it a whole lot easier!”

Thank you so much Carrie for sending in pictures of how you were inspired by the Funky Bear! It is extremely motivating to hear that my quest is helping other people too.

So since today is all about inspiration, I too have been inspired by Carrie. I have now created an e-mail address where anybody can send me ideas, real rooms, questions, or random thoughts. I would LOVE for this blog to constantly feature how REAL people are finding inspiration in their lives, or even how the Funky Bear can help you out in that department.

E-mail me at:

Yay! Get started e-mailing me ASAP so I can get inspired by YOU!

As a parting note, check out all of these shelves with wallpaper, fabric, or painted back panels. And go try this DIY project at home!

Inspired by: All About You

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