Obsession: Chunky, Colorful, Carved Baroque Frames

3 Jul

Besides being the day I am giving you the scoop on one of my current obsessions in the world of framing, today is also my birthday.

See me here having my cake and eating it too -- 20 years ago.

That’s right people. 22 years ago today, I was born. My mom and dad have never been happier (except maybe when I finally left for college). Today is such a special day, that God decided to bless us with a week of overcast-ness and hurricane-style rain. Yessssss…just what I was hoping for on the weekend of my birth.

And yes, I know that usually the birth of America (July 4th, tomorrow) might seem like it takes precedence in the theming of this blog post (red, white and blue rooms, anyone?), but that is simply not the case.

It’s my party, and I’ll post what I want to.

All joking aside, today I decided to write about some of my favorite little obsessions: these adorable, awesome, glamorous  frames. In fact, they inspired my new header up top…you likee?

I have known about them and looooved them for a long time now, but never knew quite what to call them or how to search for them online. After a couple tedious weeks of clicking through links that I thought would lead me to the Holy Grail of framing, I finally found what they seem to be called in the mainstream: “Chunky Baroque Frames.”

Baroque, if you didn’t know, comes from the word “rough or imperfect pearl” and was a popular style in the 17th and 18th centuries, popularized by the Catholic church. Today, it is used to describe design factors that are recognized for their excessiveness, elaborateness and complexity of design. (Wikipedia)

Now I don’t know about all of that, but I do LURVE what modern form this baroque-style design has taken. Below are some examples of how people have displayed them in their homes and some other inspiration tid-bits.

Another obsession of mine: picture clustering.

Inspired by: Apartment Therapy

More clustering -- I'm in my happy place right now.

Inspired by: Apartment Therapy

Color inspiration with the frames.

Inspired by: Apartment Therapy

These aren't as ornate as traditional baroque-style, but you get a different idea for how you can arrange your frames, or mirrors!

Inspired by: Bkk Home

More huge, fun chunky mirrors.

Inspired by: The Decorista

Ahh turquoise + chunky baroque frame = more obsession.

Inspired by: The Lenoxx

And here are my oh-so-favorite decals that keep showing up again and again in modern decorating!! You can try to use these stencils/decals or even place your 3-D frames like so.

I was SO on when I brought up the vinyl decals. Yay me.

Inspired by: Etsy

So…now that you have a few very loverly rooms to check out, I bet you’re wondering where you can buy these adorable creatures?

Well you’re in luck. I have scoured the internet and found a bunch of great sites for you to purchase these frames at an inexpensive price.

Pretty little frames, all sitting in a row.

These were actually found by a shopper at Borders, but I found my inspiration at Apartment Therapy.

Black is a solid and dramatic color.

Inspired by: Photo Frames Plus ($21.50)

The all white is surprisingly so modern.

Inspired by: Urban Barn ($20)

Here's a cluster of the plain jane colors: Black and White.

Inspired by: Gifts to Treasure

Now this is more my style - and my favorite color.

Inspired by: AmyE123 at Etsy. ($43) She has TONS of other colors too, you definitely need to check her site out.

Here's one with beautiful rose detail.

Inspired by: Urban Outfitters. Ornate Rose Frame, only $18.

Moving into a more purple hue, this is the epitome of what I see in my mind when I envision these fun frames.

So friggin' adorable!

Inspired by: AmyE123 (again) at Etsy. She calls this one “Wondrous Blue” and I agree.

Here's a cluster of fun, see-through plastic colors. Check out the website inside the pic.

And if you want to get real FUNKY with it, check out these kitsch pieces that involve my fav frame with the weirdest handlebar mustaches inside. If you can find a place for these little guys in your house, let me know so I can re-post pics.

Handlebar mustache? Ummm, okay.

Ah there's more! Creepy or cool?

Both Inspired by: Here

I love the way old meets new with these baroque frames. The physical design is definitely antique (and you could probably find a ton of gold/yellow ones in your Grandmother’s attic), but the colors and material is obviously modern. Try these guys in any room for an instant splash of playful color or go for the neutrals to add some texture to your wall or shelves.

So now, on the day of my birth, go forth and prosper and buy as many chunky, colorful, carved baroque frames as you can. I definitely see myself investing in the Wondorous Blue or Seductive Red in the very near future.

I will not be posting for the rest of the weekend as I fully plan on indulging in birthday (Claire + America) festivities. But after a surprise party, mounds of home-cooked cupcakes, Tiff’s Treats, my extended family in town, a trip to Galveston, a chocolate cake with marshmellow frosting and now (I hear) donuts downstairs waiting for me, I’m not sure this birthday can get any better.

But we shall see 🙂



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