Color Me Happy: Totally Taken with Turquoise

21 Jun


The word conjures images of sandy beaches with crisp teal waters, lime green frozen margaritas, vibrant bathing suits and matching toe nails, and chunky necklaces to brighten up an all white-outfit.

And Summer would be completely bereft without the color turquoise.

It seems to me that this gorgeous hue is the color of the year. Seriously. I am DYING to paint my room a startling shade of turquoise. However, since I’m still living with some very picky roommates (a.k.a. Mom & Dad) who don’t throw paint up on the wall on a whim, that just isn’t an option for me right now. But I’ve been window shopping online to see how other (lucky) people are using this color in their homes because as soon as I’m out of this prison lovely home**, you can bet your last dollar this color is going up on my walls.

**I’m just teasing. I love my mom and dad they are wonderful people and extremely generous for putting me and my cat up in their beautiful home for the Summer 🙂

If, like me, you are inspired by loud colors, do a search online for “color inspiration” and check out the Google images you get or the different designing blogs that come up. The best one I’ve found for today’s turquoise inspiration is:

House of Turquoise

This blog is written by a gal named Erin who is obsessed with the color turquoise (more so than me, I believe).

She also has a shopping blog to lead you directly to all things turquoise:

Here are some of the amazing, eclectic, and crazy rooms I found to inspire you to use turquoise in your life. Get ready, because this one is a doozy. I couldn’t contain my excitement for the color, so I went all out. Enjoy!!

Inspired by: Alkemie

I love how this designer paired the intense turquoise walls with an equally as intense shade of green for an accent with the mirrors and seat cushions. So fun!

Inspired by: Alkemie

This is a little example of how you can use turquoise with pink — it doesn’t have to look like Lilly Pulitzer threw up all over your house. With this funky and different mirror and the darker shade of turquoise, the room looks sophisticated rather than silly.

Inspired by: Alkemie

Here’s another example of using lime green and turquoise together in a way that works well. These book shelves seem like they are built into the wall, but you could just as easily buy an old set of bookshelves on Craigslist or at Goodwill and paint it turquoise yourself. That way if you mess up or the color is way too much for you (how on earth could that happen?!) then you can scrap it, no big deal.

Inspired by: Canadian House & Home

This kitchen was boldly painted turquoise and the back of the shelves have been covered in a cute wallpaper. An easy DIY should you find the time.

Inspired by: Canadian House & Home

This room has a very sophisticated look but is livened up with the turquoise rug and accents. It makes the room more inviting and young feeling, even with the other harsh black and white pieces.

Inspired by: Casa Pinka

Here is a lighter shade of turquoise on the walls, for all you hesitaters out there. I also love the darker turquoise hanging piece and the birds on the wall. It really adds some funk, no?

Inspired by: Decor Pad

Here is a bright dining area. It appears as if the owner painted the chairs the same color as the walls to match. I love the bird cage in the background too! They seem to popping up everywhere.

Inspired by: Growers & Nomads

The painted tree on the walls is reminiscent of the decals I found in my earlier article, Alphabet Soup: Vinyl Wall Art & Decals. Turquoise is the perfect background to set these decals on, especially ones with white or a very light tan.

Inspired by: Growers & Nomads

Again, green + turquoise = too much cuteness. The way the wall is decorated above the couch is another obsession of mine. I love clustering picture frames to create a centerpiece for the room.

Inspired by: House of Turquoise

Although the walls are not painted turquoise, the shower curtain incorporates the color in a fun, flirty way.

Inspired by: House of Turqouise

The color with these decorations looks eclectic and cool; different from how most people pair things with turquoise (bright with bright, or bright with bright white). And the “Welcome” letters are fabulous! More Alphabet Soup for ya…

Inspired by: House of Turquoise

Yet another room with reds and turquoise that somehow avoids the Lilly Pulitzer vom affect. This would be a really cute guest room (if you have a guest room at this point in your life).

Inspired by: LuLu Painting

Matching the couches to the wall could have been a disaster but it is pulled off effortlessly here with plain furniture and all-white accessories.

Inspired by: LuLu Painting

If my living room could be as bright, happy and funky as this one someday, my life’s decorating mission would be complete. LOVE all the browns, greens and the light shade of turquoise (almost sky blue) and the cluster of pictures on the wall.

Inspired by: Odi Et Amo

This room is fresh and clean with jolts of color. It looks like it could be for a teenage girl but is mature enough to work for anyone with a few additions of your own liking and age-appropriate-ness.

That’s it for today’s Inspiration Board. I hope you are as totally taken with turquoise as I am. Keep looking at other blogs for color inspirations and get some turquoise in your life ASAP!


One Response to “Color Me Happy: Totally Taken with Turquoise”

  1. mfuentes82 June 28, 2011 at 3:51 am #

    Is there any way to know an exact color that’s been used? O love the turquoise with pink, the 2nd photo example, I believe.

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