Alphabet Soup: Time to Scrabble-ize

16 Jun

In keeping with the theme of words and their roles as decoration around the house, I decided to turn to the ultimate word game for a little inspiration. Scrabble is a game that most everyone on the planet knows how to play and has enjoyed at least once in their life. That being said, if you have been living under a rock or in Antarctica for your entire life and are unsure of the significance of this game, then Google “Scrabble” to learn how to play. For those of us living in the 21st century who are extremely familiar with this game, recently “Words with Friends,” an iPhone application, has re-sparked the Scrabble craze among the younger demographic. Competition has been fierce. I’m not going to name names, but I ALWAYS beat a certain significant other of mine by hundreds of points. Can’t deny it if it’s true.

Anyhoo, with Scrabble as my muse, I have found tons of accent pieces you can use around the house. Obviously, you wouldn’t want an entire room of letters (or maybe you would — if you achieve this, get back to me with pictures ASAP. I’m going to want to see that). Therefore, choose a few cute pieces sparingly and have fun reminiscing on this youthful game…

If you’re unsure about this whole use-a-board-game-to-decorate-your-house thing, start off simple with a few cute magnets. At only $6 or $7 for a set, you can’t go wrong.

Aw! Cheesy, but you know you like it.

Pillows are another relatively easy and painless way to add some verb-age to your home. Throw these on a plain colored couch or with lots of different textures to mix it up.

Click here to see the customizable options of these pillows. They are a little more expensive at $160 for 4 letters, but clearly add another level to this room. You can also order just one letter (an initial, perhaps?) for less.

Scrabble: The New Aphrodisiac

Another cute, homemade idea is this small burlap sack Scrabble pillow. So presh!

It's all about LOVE today.

Now, if you want to get crazy and proclaim a gigantic word or 3 to the world, this next idea is for you. You can pick and choose words to create a gigantic Scrabble board on your wall! Even though the pictures here are a little dull (they are the demo pictures from a wood-crafts website)…imagine them set against a deep turquoise wall or surrounded by your favorite pictures with your favorite words (Off topic: Do you even have a favorite word? Go to to find one. You’ll be agape with all the eclectic choices).

Organization is not my forte in life (although my color-coded closet is looking pretty darn good these days). But even I know that labels always make things easier to locate. Instead of using a boring old black Sharpie or the guess-and-check method of finding things, why not try this? Use a hot glue gun to place Scrabble tiles on a bin, basket, or box so that you can easily read the label.

I just made this virtually on Photoshop so forgive the awkwardness...You get the picture though.

Last but not least (and this is my favorite), you can use Scrabble tiles to brighten up an old picture frame or personalize a new one. Here I chose to use an old antique-looking frame and created it via Photoshop just to let you see what the general idea is. I chose to use the word “Spain” to represent my study abroad trip to Barcelona. Another vibrant and funky type of frame would be a big chunky baroque one like the hot pink one below it. But technically, you could do this on any frame with your best friend of this post — hot glue.

Claire & Blair in Barca. Yes, we know our names rhyme.

Love these big, fun baroque-style frames in bright colors.

Using Scrabble accents in your home is an affordable and fresh way to add some spunk to your style. You don’t have to change a lot or have some grand upheaval of furniture — but just a touch of Scrabble here or there could be a genius touch, or at the very least, be a blast from the past to your childhood. And remember… there is nothing geeky about indulging in a game that encourages studying and/or memorization of the dictionary!

Or is there?


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