Alphabet Soup: Vinyl Wall Art & Decals

13 Jun

Day One of Alphabet Soup has officially begun! Remember, this week is all about words and letters, and how to use them as decorations (see Alphabet Soup entry one post ago).

Today’s find has traditionally been used for quotes, initials, and favorite words (all a part of the greater Alphabet Soup) which is why I chose it. However, lately images and graphics have started to become just as popular so there is a little of both here.

Vinyl wall art decals, graphics, quotes and decorations are becoming an increasingly popular trend. They are super easy to use and can be adhered to any flat, clean surface such as walls, windows, doors or mirrors. The greatest thing about them (in this deco-dumb dumb’s opinion) is that they are removable. So if your quote block is going more wonky than straight, you can peel it off and try again. Or if you change your mind and hate it within a week (doubtful — they are super cute) you can take it off and get rid of it. There are a number of great websites that specialize in this type of art and most give you a selection of quotes, letters, and graphics to choose from and then let you customize the size, color, font, etc. Below are some examples of how this wall art can be used in the home (click images to make bigger):

Get the idea? Next time you’ve got some free time, check out these websites and order your very own!

UpperCase Living (

Most of decals: $10-$30 each

Graphics can act as a wallpaper, decoration, or neutral accent.

UCL can turn images into decals too. Even though I think this is kind of creepy, it shows a different way to use them.

Love the mirror decal! This would go great in ANY bathroom.

More wallpaper-esque decals. This would be perfect for a home or apartment where you can't change the paint color (probably a bland white) of the walls.

You can add a 3-D affect and texture to any room by hanging a frame around a wall decal.


Leen the Graphics Queen (

Most of decals: $20-$50

The designer, Leen, has a thing for dandelions. And now I think I do too! They're so pretty, feminine, and FUNKY.

This tree is precious. Especially if you're a Chi Omega (like me!) whose symbol is an owl. Sorry, had to put that in!

More dandelions -- duh!

If you can't afford a really beautiful glass chandelier, why not just smooth on a decal?

I never knew I had a thing for bird cages...but I absolutely love this!

More birds.

Wall Words (

Most decals: $20-$50

This is the perfect way to sass up an old boring piece of furniture or something cheap from Goodwill or Craigslist. Check out Robert Pattinson's pic in the background...this girl must be a Twihard (isn't that what they call crazy teen Twilight fans?).

A simple, powerful word can add a lot to a room.

Written Decor (

Similar to Wall Words.

Especially for the young woman without a whole lot of income (or if you’ve been cut off by your ‘rents like me and have no income), these vinyl decals can be a great way to decorate on a budget. Some may seem more expensive than others — and definitely if you choose to create a wallpaper out of many graphics that you have to buy — however they can dramatically change a room for the better and spruce up cheap furniture. I think they’re definitely worth it. This post was inspired by the original quote decals, so don’t forget about them. Pick your favorite quote or word and strategically place it in a room. But for sure if you’re looking around you room and have some dead space, click through the galleries on some of these websites and find something that speaks to you. Or if you have a really plain room, spice it up with a bird cage or faux chandelier!


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      Wow! Those are all so great. I just found out about too. That’s where I got links to a lot of stuff I plan on writing about. Maybe I need to do a posting about “LOVE.” I’ll give you the credit, that’s for sure! Thanks for reading and commenting on my blog!

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